How many girls like crude humor?

My boyfriend is really into crude humor and I am not. I am trying to get more into it, but I find it kind of hard... what do I do? How many girls like this kind of humor?
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  • Gee...I think you're pretty normal. I don't even like crude humor.

    It's sweet that you're trying to share this with your boyfriend, but keep in mind that he should be sensitive to what you like as well.

    He shouldn't just think of you as one of the guys either. Maybe he enjoys partaking in a lot of crude humor around his guy friends, but you don't have to share everything with him.

    It's good to share some things, but you also want to feel you can be yourself around him without forcing yourself into his world or vice-versa. Maybe humor is one thing you two don't share.

    • yeah I think he's worried he can't be himself around me or something. I had no idea he felt that way until yesterday.

    • Honesty is the best way to handle the situation.

    • true. I really like him! so hopefully I'll just learn to like it lol

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  • Everyone has a different definition of "crude", so that could be answered broadly.

    • very true. I guess he doesn't use it much so... I don't know what he means entirely? but he said sometimes he feels like he can't be himself around me because of it. but I'm also not one of tho guys, yanno?

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    • That's good to hear that he treats you well. Also, IMO = "in my opinion".

    • ohhh gotcha. oh yeah, he's great. I feel like I should be better lol. he cooks for me, gives me massages, idk, he's just really sweet. I have a zit once and I really self conscious and he was like oh it's totally natural, I didn't even notice it.

  • Define crude humor..

    • talking about girls as being their bitches, girls as sucking d***... idk... calling people f*****, retard, gay etc

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    • apparently I have childish humor and he doesn't like that. I don't know what it is that I say though!

    • Probably it's not what you say, but that which you find funny or not. Your sense of humor may be a bit "basic", like not understanding stuff with double meaning or word games. or probably your boyfriend likes making fun of something and you don't. That's one thing I haven't broken up with my boyfriend. we share the same sense of humor.

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