A guy who lives two hours away from me really likes me...

AND I really like him we have dated before when we were little. We are actually hanging out this weekend but either way...Should I ask for something more or wait till he moves back to my town?


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  • go for it!

    im in the same boat, dated a guy 3 years ago 1st guy I've ever dated, he moved away and now he is back but lives 2 hrs away and is staying at our mutral friends place this weekend as am i. you only live once!

    better something good happen than nothing

    • Buy there is also another guy that likes me in my town...

    • I don't know than that's up to you. you should of included that in your question making my answer incomplete. if you want him go for it and screw the other guy. only you can asnwer this question. next time include all the sjhfds information

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