Do you feel as if you have learned a lot from any one particular significant other?

I know I learned just about everything from an older Frenchwoman, for example.

What about you? Do you feel really grateful to anyone from your past? Please relate the story!
Please RATE! Thx!


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  • I learned from my first relationship that I was not the type of girl who took abuse (figured this out when he attacked me for talking to a mutual friend and I broke his nose) I never thought I'd be the one who would be submissive and be in fear of my partner, but all girls think that at first and then look at how many are with abusive partners because they're afraid.

    I'm learning from my current boyfriend how a healthy relationship works. I'm figuring out who I am and what I like and dislike in a partner and so far, he's been able to meet all my expectations.

    • Great answer. Sorry this happened, it's not something you should have to learn to deal with.

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  • Yes I learned exactly how a relationship shouldn't be with my ex. Helped lots in finding a relationship worth keeping =)

  • I think a lot of what I've learned from previous relationships are the things that I don't want.

    My first relationship really taught me what a healthy relationship should feel like. We only dated 7 months but its was by far the best relationship I ever had. We didn't fight, we had fun together, the sex was great, and we just clicked. There was minimal drama. But the relationship ended when she left for college.

    My next two relationships really taught me what the other side of things look like. I always try to give people a chance and not discriminate based on things the girl cannot control, like her home life. But I learned that while it really isn't there fault, the reality is it does play a part in their lives and who they are. I've learned to stay away from girls who mental issues, family problems, ex Boyfriend problems, daddy issues, etc. because it really does go hand in hand with the girl being a complete psycho.

  • Yeah I learned to be more comfortable in my skin which I'll always be thankful for because I was feeling very low at that time.

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