Guys...Have you ever pinched a flight attendant?

I'm always tempted to do this. There is a movie made in China that has a long sequence about this. Really funny.

I've done this twice, but before the current security hysteria era...
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  • Not sure if this is a joke, but that's just disturbing. Touching a woman anywhere other than her hands, without her consent, is called 'sexual harassment', even if she remains quite about it or chooses to ignore it. I know of several air hostesses who complain about men behaving inappropriately with them on flights.

    • One of them must have been Marty lol

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    • Implication is subjective to interpretation and still not reason enough. Consent in this regard is in words. I don't see why a random air hostess would come up to you and say 'Yes, please pinch my arse'. If they were interested in that sort of attention, they'd work in some bar. I'd let them do their work without ruining their day. Most of them are mothers with significant others back home. That for me, is something to respect. Again, this is my opinion.

    • Well, one of them sure consented. Both giggled when I pinched them! One seemed unsure about her giggle, the other one giggled a lot.

  • Umm.. I've never thought about it, never seen one I'd want to bother with anyways, and that's just rude to me. It's not treating them with any respect. How would you feel if some guy came up to your work and started pinching your ass or something :\ just how I think of it.

    • Blah, blah, Romney

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    • Women's opinions (sic) weren't asked for...

    • They'd still wanna see. And sadly you can't see the results if you don't vote. Problem with the way votes are done on this site :\

  • No that's just plain rude. Women are people too, not just objects for you to put your hands on. I been a waitress before and have had a man grab my butt every time I walked by. Guess what? He got thrown out of the restaurant and banned from coming back. And why isn't there an option where you can say "no I never thought about it" ?

  • I fly a lot, and it's rare IMO that a flight attendent is even good looking. (Blame RuinAir and Aer Fungus) But on those rare occassions, I'd be more inclined to fantasise about patting the ass warmly, rather than pinching it.

    • That's a North America/Europe thing. Many Middle Eastern and Asian airlines require female flight attendents to be attractive, it's specified in their job ads.

    • Yes, true, ...Pattng is OK too, you can include it with pinching!

    • Please rate the question!

  • Sooner or later you'll be physically attacked when you pinch the wrong woman thinking its cute

    • What part of 'hey guys' is too difficult for you to understand?

    • Well, that has happened. One takes risks in life. The sequence in the Chnese movie also ends with the guy getting his...but it's still funny.

  • Why is "I wouldn't even think about it" or "Why the hell would I do such a thing" not an option? A man should NEVER hit a woman, period, and this is NOT a thing to joke about so don't use the "it's just a joke" excuse. If it's a male flight attendant, I'd still not hit him as I could get put on the terrorist list for that.

    • And I am NOT gay, if you insult me that way, I WILL report you. I put up with that crap in school a long time ago and I will NOT take it here.

    • No, you're just a politically correct faker. Never thought about it, har dy har har

  • I've never as much as thought about it. Sexually assaulting women is just not my cup of tea.

  • no its not something that I've done but I haven't been on a lot of planes either

  • No can't say I ever did that.

  • No.

    • Why not just answer the poll? You're not adding any information!

    • Then you should've added option D: I've never even thought about doing it.

    • That's at least th third time Moloch has given one word answers that are also in the poll itself. This irritates me because when I see an answer, I look up to see what someone has said in terms of a new take or new information.

      So bye, Moloch, you're blocked.

  • I really hope you don't do that

  • What kinda crazy though is that? lmao =p

    • Well, most guys, you can see, from the poll, at least think about it. And the ones who claim they 'never even thought of it...;;; ' well, I'm pretty sure they're just playing politically correct to the crowd of Trump-groveling feminists, I REALLY REALLY DOUBT they've 'never thought of it.'

    • Hmmmm mmmkay. Go ahead then. But prepared to get slapped :P

    • If she slaps me I'll pinch the other cheek, lol

  • no I've never have..


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