Is it possible to change body types?

I'm very pear-shaped. My bottom half is like average sized I wear size medium and rarely size small bottoms. My legs and hips aren't that big but I guess they are proportionally because for tops I wear x-small and small. I'm 5'8" 130lbs. Overall I would say I can spare some pounds as I'm an average build.

Is there anyway I can go from pear shape to hourglass or ruler or something more proportional? I don't want to be bottom heavy. I want thinner legs. Or am I stuck being pear shaped?


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  • That is your natural body matter what you do, due to your bone structure and how your body gains muscle and stores fat, your bottom will always be thicker than your top.

    There are many guys that dig the pear-shape; prominent hips and butt! :)

    Why do you not like being pear-shaped? :(

    • I can't just lose the muscle and fat from my bottom and have the top stay as is?

      I've just always found modelesque body types very beautiful and sleek. Clothes always look great on people with hour glass body and even better on ruler/banana body types. I don't like people commenting on how I am pear shaped and how I have such thick legs, wide hips, and big butt. My mom always has something to say about it. That I'm not exercising enough and that I will be come fat in my later years unlike her.

    • I feel like 3/4 of my weight is on my bottom half. It's very centaur like except with 2 legs instead of 4. I can't wear cute things like other girls because I have to be very conscious of my shape. I just feel very uncomfortable about my body type and I want to change it. My legs are like the same size as my boyfriend's except he is like 6'1" and weighs way more than me. I will never let him see my legs bare.

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  • Unless you gain or lose a massive amount of weight(which even then there's no guarantee), you'll still be pear shaped

    Get in shape

    Workout and tone up

    I think pear shapes look bad when the girl is out of shape and flabby...but if you tone up, you'll look good

  • You can't really change your bust size. You could work out your legs and ass so they look more shapely/curvy.

    I don't really go so much with the body shape analogy types...

    • My legs and butt are TOO curvy I want thin legs and somewhat of a flat butt. Not completely flat but I have like a bubble butt and I hate it. I hate guys looking at it.

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    • Sounds like a plan. I'll start tomorrow. How long before I notice results? Do I change my diet. Are there like any foods to avoid because they go right to the thighs or something?

    • The obvious stuff dear. Stay away from fried foods,sweets and overeating. Try eating more fruits if in substitute for sweet deserts. No ice cream or cake? I actually hate cake which people find crazy... lol

      Results will show sooner if you put more time into working out. You get what you give. 60 minutes of cardio at medium intensity burns 1lbs of fat. So you could shed 3lbs a week doing 60minutes of cardio 3 days a week with some calisthenics (lunges/squats) and no junk food.

  • nope, you're stuck.

  • The only way you can do this is if you are growing. Different parts of the body can sometimes develop at different times. For the longest time I was top heavy, then I was hourglass, then pear and now I am hourglass again. This was all because I was growing up and my body was maturing.

  • 130lbs is thin for 5'8"

    • I don't like my weight distribution

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