Is he crushing on me or mean or confused?

When we're around friends he sometimes pretends/jokes that he can't remember my name, but he does remember me and asks for specific updates on what's been happening in my life. Sometimes out of nowhere he'll butt into a conversation he wasn't part of to make fun of me or ask me about what I was saying; if I don't answer he'll be like 'hey you, you' till I answer. But when I try to talk to him alone it is often awkward/hard and he usually goes up to his room.

If he hated me would he even give me the time of day? Sometimes I feel like his tone is more mean than flirty, and like he wants to be an ass so I won't hang out at their house anymore.

My friend is his friend/roommate. He is sarcastic, but maybe also a little shy/quiet. He has behaved this way to me towards me from the start. I didn't think much of him at first, but slowly began to crush on him.


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  • It's very hard to tell. He seems like he is friendly flirting. But when he has a mean tone then it seems like it's not fliritng. Some guys flirt like that where they be mean to girls and in reality they like them. If he is pretending with jokes/ like not rememebering your name and asks for updates on what's been goign on in your life then a part of him does care for you. Because why waste the time even asking if he didn't like you.Some guys are sarastic with humor and sometimes it can make them come of as being mean or with a bad tone. I would say this can go any where. If you like him and have a crush on him then you would have to feel him more to see if he likes you back.


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