Hold fire? Or shoot?

Short: What would you do if 150 people that think their invisible by the help of sangomas, amd atacks you with axes and spades?

Long: I live in South-Africa and about a month ago there was this HUGE outbreak of striking mine workers at Marikana Mine trying to kill the police (or ANYONE in their way) just to get a HUGE raise. And the police started shooting them, there's video's all over you tube by the way.

Apparently they were swept up by a Sangoma (African witch doctor) that made them "invisible" and made them make spades and sharp axes. I'm not really clear about the WHOLE story, you can Google it if you like.

I just want to know what would you do if 150 people with axes and spades came running on to you?
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  • I'm not sure that you were correctly informed.

    There were several reporters with cameras at the Marikana massacre and the whole world could see how heavily armed policemen gunned down 39 striking people, killing them (and wounded numerous others , shooting as if they were shooting with blanks in a training stand) : https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Mt11f7p13f0https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=2aExmVM1lfc

    A number of the victims were shot IN THE BACK: link & link .This disproves your affirmations.

    Adding insult to injury (and murder), some SA government attorney found it necessary to interpret an old Apartheid regime law in a way to indict the suvivors with a murder charge, explaining that their presence caused the police to shoot and that thus THEY were guilty, not the trigger-happy cops: link

    Now read this: Johannesburg - National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega reportedly laughed and joked as footage of the killing of 34 miners in a clash with police was screened at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry, The Times reported : link


    Look at the links I found and tell us if that witch doctor story is still trustworthy in your eyes.


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  • More of truth emerged, concerning the Marikana shootings:

    I quote:

    Police shot Marikana miners unprovoked, video shows

    29 JAN 2013 09:00 - KWANELE SOSIBO

    Cellphone footage captured by police during the Marikana killings confirms miners were shot at point-blank range while surrendering and hiding.


    The footage from the small koppie, already seen before the Marikana commission of inquiry and broadcast by UK-based Channel 4 news on Monday, shows police officers escorting miners as they crawl through the bushy grass surrounding the koppie with their guns fixed on them. An officer shouts: "He's running. Wait, don't shoot him. Don't shoot him."

    After some shots are heard, we see the body of a man lying prostate on the ground, his torso riddled with bullets. An officer boasts of having "shot the motherf***er at least 10 times, and he was still coming, coming". The narrator identifies the man who sustained 12 gunshot wounds as Thobile Mpumza.

    Later on, as the footage wavers among the cluster of rocks, police officers are heard appearing to recount the episodes of the murders. One mimics the sound of a gun: "ka ka ka ka", and says, in Afrikaans: "He had a smaller gun."

    The video then shows scenes of dead and prostate miners being worked on by paramedics and groups of police officers standing on the rock formations of the koppie.

    James Nichol, a British lawyer who has joined the Seri-SA team representing the families of the deceased miners for the duration of the commission, explains that some cartridges were found "higher up", indicating that police were standing on rocks shooting into the gully where men were standing defenceless.

    The footage itself confirms what we already know about the happenings on the small koppie, and has, in fact, appeared before the Marikana commission.

    Commenting on the video, police expert Johan Burger said: "The police's legal team did refer to the footage because they believe that it supports the police's position that there wasn't the mass killing that they are being accused of carrying out. The commission has to sift through all the evidence and they'll have to judge. The police, on their side, will obviously present their information in the best possible way. It goes some way in explaining the police's position but the police would have to explain each and everyone of those killings. I doubt it will assist in that regard."




    Read more here: link No self defense but BLOODY MURDER!

    • More footage here: link

    • Marikana massacre: shocking new footage raises fresh questions: link

    • SA police 'lied over mine shootings'

      South African police lied about the Marikana shootings last year, in which 34 striking miners were killed, a commission of inquiry says.


  • Probably drive away in my car. =D It's a lot easier then shooting some large number of the 150 people until they realize they are not invisible and run the other way. Most pistols only hold 15-17 rounds so standing my ground and shooting would probably get me chopped to pieces in a zergling rush. =P

  • Shit, I don't carry that much ammo with me... Even an FN Five-seven with 2 spare mags would only be 60 rounds plus one in the chamber...

    That's a zombie gun situation, the PS90 with 2 spare mags will do, considering I had it with me.

  • Spray and pray.

  • I would shoot but this story is fishy as they were surrendering and not a menace.


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