Why can't I be confident and full of myself the way a lot of men are?

I noticed in college that a lot of attractive, intelligent men are very into themselves, yet I feel that way...almost never. Maybe if I am talking to someone younger than me. Why can't I be as full of myself as a lot of men?


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  • There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. You do not want to be arrogant. To be confident simply means being sure of yourself. I've written two articles on this matter. Here's the first one... link and the second one is currently on the main page.

    Also, look at if these guys are serious or if they are just joking around. I will be playfully condescending with my friends, but that's only in private settings. And they know I'm not really like that anyway.

    • I don't mean condescending...I mean genuinely confident in your abilities to the extent that you don't care what anyone else thinks or how they feel.

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    • That's basically what confidence is. It's a state of mind that filters into your behavior. You can be confident, but not appear so and vice versa.

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  • Get drunk

    Problem solved

    • No, not at all. The hangover is quite depressing.

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    • Hun, I don't mean at a party. I mean in general, in day-to-day life.

    • So try to see day to day life as a party

      Your perspective is your reality

  • So...Basically you want to come off as a self absorbed bitch? One, you aren't a man. Those aren't desirable qualities in anyone. Don't try to be like a guy. Be yourself. You can't change who you really are so don't try.

    • No, I am just saying that I don't understand why so many young men absolutely love themselves.

    • And I watch how they behave, and I think to myself, why SO cocky?

    • Testosterone.

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