If a girl seemingly always texting in school, does it necessarily mean she has a boyfriend?

It happens way too often that girls I am interested in having a boyfriend. It's been haunting me for more than 5 years. Girls having a boyfriend way too often, which really starting to scare me even more now. So every little thing will make trip out about girls that I am interested in having a boyfriend already.


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  • Girls these days all have their phone out staring at it. It's just something everyone does now.

    Those kind of girls are hard to get always seemingly busy. They could be just staring at their phone, texting a friend, checking Facebook, writing notes...many things. Doesn't have to be a boyfriend.

    • i see your point, but everything just trips me out now...

    • The advancement of technology...it's only going to get more complicated.

    • True, sometimes you can't tell if a girl has a boyfriend or not on Facebook.

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  • Not necessarily that she has a boyfriend. I don't text my girlfriend very often. Maybe she texting a friend?

  • Keep trying.


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