How would you deal with a guy that was scared of you?

I am a guy that gets really scared around hot women, or if I like a girl. How would you deal with it? Also how can I be better about not being scared? Instead how can I be the outgoing guy that many women like to hang out with?


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  • I like the well balanced guy that has the confidence to know what he wants but isn't the outgoing guy that gets many women.

    I normally just think you are a freak and if you act that way around me, I would think that you don't like me either, then I would get hurt, then I would employ a defence mechanism to protect myself as I would be hurting since a guy is scared of me.

    Why the hell should you be scared? It isn't like I am carrying a .42

    Girls aren't scary mate. Perhaps just a simple hello and perhaps comment on what she is wearing.

    I don't like guys that are scared of me. It isn't fair. It isn't fair because I think that they didn't give me a chance to express myself and you completely write me off as one of those "ungettable" (if you will) ones when you never gave me a chance. So I am like "stuff you then".

    • There's a lot of reasons to be scared. Fear of rejection or failure, even fear of success. Fear that a woman will be cruel, fear that she will unfairly write me off as socially awkward altogether even when it's only her that is intimidating me (all because I think she's a great girl). There are many reasons.

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    • I have bad news for you if a guy is confident he is usually outgoing and gets a lot of womene.

    • Adam speaks the truth.

  • How does this fear manifest?

    • I just come off as shy, sometimes I don't talk much, or appear cold. Sometimes I fumble my words or come off a little awkward. It just depends on the encounter.

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