I got my SAT score??

I got 1150 in the first time.

is it good?fair?bad?very bad?

will colleges accept this score?


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  • It depends on the college. You need to visit the websites of the colleges you're considering, to see what range of scores they're looking for. Some schools are more strict about what scores they'll accept than others are.

    The nice thing is that you can take the test multiple times, and they'll take your best scores, I believe. So if you feel that you could do better, or find out that the college you want is looking for a higher score... don't be afraid to take the test again. I know it's kind of a pain but it can be worth it. Good luck!

    • Anaheim university, any help?

    • I've never heard of it to be honest. I also don't know if it has multiple campuses or not, and if so, which one you want to go to... just find its homepage, and check out what it says about the admission requirements. If you're having trouble finding that kind of information, you can always e-mail their admission office or something and ask them about it.

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  • Fine. Most schools look in that range, 1000+. I forget what perfect is now, once it was 1200, but think that was changed.

    With good grades, probably get in most places.

    Congrats!, now party :)

  • To Mtsmith, yeah it changed the year after I graduated in 2006 (so it changed in 2007). Its out of 2400 now, and was out of 1600 when I graduated.

    With that in mind, I would retake it and study hard. Your score isn't bad, but it certainly isn't good. You also might want to try to take the ACT instead, as it is set up differently and clicks with some people better. On the other hand, you could simply scrap taking the SATs all together and go to a technical school or community college and then transfer into a University. I took the latter of these roads, but my reasoning was to save myself a pretty penny.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Did admissions work in '90s, haven't kept.up. Friend said some schools not using SATs, more going to ACT. Your advice on community college then transfer makes sense not only for the money, but being felxible. Again, thanks...

  • That's extremely low...

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