How long should I wait before giving up?

If you're talking face to face to someone you like everyday, and he seems interested. We've been talking pretty much everyday for the past two weeks and I just gave him my number yesterday. How long should I wait before giving up and coming to the conclusion that he's not interested?

Ex. I was told by a guy friend give it a few more weeks if you're still talking face to face everyday and he hasn't called or texted you then ask him why or if he likes you. Is that true?


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  • Unrequited Love is crazy - I spent FIVE YEARS waiting on a girl -- turning down literal no-strings-attached sex offers (some guys' dream, I'm sure) -- waiting for "her".

    (friends' sisters are crazy. lol) -


    but another serious longterm crush *DID* -- & it was worth every ounce of backbone strength I had & invested. BUT -- I will say one more thing: *that panned out by putting myself out there* -- really sprawling every 'feeler' (haha) of interest, pursuring every lead & really optimistically, positively, resolving to do EVERYTHING I COULD - & the one I really wanted fell into my lap as much as could be - while pursuing EVERY lead. maybe it kicks up a fire in her heart - maybe it makes the cupids take notice of your workwillingness lol - maybe it was coincidence. whatever it was - that's what worked for me.

    & I guess I should note, given my longlived fire, 'courtly' patience, PERSONal addiction lol, OR just stupidity - it WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT - like Emotional/Life Ecstasy 'worth it'. go big! I got mine. the younger & optimisticker you are, the more you have to work with & 'work' - & the more of those you invest the likely you are to Win Big.

    sorry this is more of a general response/answer - a few weeks -- ha ha -- it all depends on how great the person is you're waiting on... what are they worth ((of your time)) to you ... good luck tho - hope it is fantasmal. a great experience.

    - joe


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