Conquering fear, how does one go about that?

I'm just wondering how does one get up the courage to

conquer their fears? Because, has many things as there

are in this life that I want, my fears of so many things are

stopping me from achieving the life that I want. And, I just

want to stop letting them control me and be the one that's

the driving force in my life, if that makes sense?

So, if there was anything you were ever afraid of (and I don't

mean like bugs or heights or anything like that.) I mean like,

jobs, people, relationships,etc,etc. How did you conquer it?

And, what gave you the motivation to push threw your fears

and just take a chance and go for it?

I'd really appreciate your help, thanks! : )


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  • I compare the misery I feel at being intimidated about whatever limitation to taking a chance to get beyond it. Taking the chance always seems like a better idea.

  • In general terms, rationalization is how I conquer fear. The problem is that I overestimate the consequences of failure, which in reality is much less than what I thought it was. So I have to convince myself that for whatever I'm doing, failure will eventually occur, but taking the plunge is ultimately for the better. If it doesn't work out, there are always ways I can mitigate, and anyway, what's done is done and I don't have a choice but to keep moving forward. Ever since the beginning of life on Earth, all life on Earth is about adapting to and overcoming adversity.

    • Thank you, for answering my question. You're the only one that did, I really appreciate it and

      what you said makes a lot of sense. Thanks : )

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