I saw the funniest thing at the super market the other day.

So the other day I went to the super market to get some groceries and bacon. I got in my car and was about ready to start driving away but then I saw a hilarious scene unfolding before me and had to stay to watch.

There was this fat lady that had parked too close to the line like a typical obese American moron and 2 cars had taken up the spots on both sides of her car. Because of this she could not fit in the car because the opening was too small. At this point I started laughing hysterically in my car.

So this cart boy is pushing some carts and of course she runs up to him and asks him to move her car out of the spot so she can get her fat ass in. I was kind of far away and my windows were closed but I'm guessing she said something along those lines because he got in her car and moved it out of the 'tight spot'. The whole time I was torn up between laughing and weeping for society. She didn't even tip him at the end.

I just wanted to share this because its the most hilarious thing I've seen in public for a while. Feel free to add your own experiences or whatever.


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  • Lol these overly obese creatures are always funny to observe in their natural habitat :)


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  • There was this fat guy at the swimmng pool, in France where you HAVE to wear speedos at pools for hygiene reasons. He was going oof at the poor lifeguard, screaming that if he were black, they'd never make him put a speedo on under his gut.

  • ahahaaha. that must of been embarrassing for her.

    Unfortunately I have not seen anything funny in public lately.

  • That's funny.

    Sometimes I wish I had a junky car so I could do that to people who take up a spot & a half.

    When I lived up North it was snowing. I saw this big lady with a big balloon butt starting to cross the street. The problem is she walked down the curb cut ( for wheelchairs) she slipped, bounced right back up like her butt was a basketball or something. I couldn't believe it.

    I saw a guy with a briefcase do something similar. same scenario, it was snowing he walk down the curb cut. As he was falling his arm made a 360 degree circle, his briefcase hit the ground opening. All he had was a sandwich & the newspaper in it. "Mr. executive?"

  • Nope, not as late. I do how ever have noticed that many of these fat people have a bad attitude, to everything, maybe it's because of how they think they world perceives them or how people treat them because of their weight problems, but I think if you let your attitude be as worse as your weight then you'll be treated worse by you fellow men.

    One good thing about fat people is in case of a zombie apocalypse they'll be the first ones to go and become my human meat shields when I need to get away from a horde of flesh eating zombies. (a bit of mean sense of humor)

  • LOL fat people being fat

  • I should try harder to loose some weight. I"m only just over 20lbs over weight but I NEVER want to get so fat that I can't fit between 2 cars at a parking lot.

  • Unfortunately you got in your car, drove and still lived. Wished Idiots like you wouldn't exists and use up my Oxygen.

    She might actually have Obese problems and it's not up to her

    to look slim. If not her health issues.

    • Ok I agree with you in the fact that the question asker shouldn't be dissing anybody, whether fat or not, because he too has many imperfections and thus has no right to be picking on another person's imperfections. However, I'm sick and tired of hearing the stupid excuse of "oh they (obese people) may have some health issue that's causing them to be obese". You expect me to buy that? Yes FEW might indeed have health issues that caused their weight problems but for MOST, it's out of gluttony. -_-

  • She should have at least tipped the poor kid!

    • To be fair a lot of corporations can fire you for accepting tips.

      Still she could have at least tried.

    • Very true! I forgot about that. I worked in a supermarket in high-school and remember them telling us we couldn't accept tips. But still, she should have given him something for his time.

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