Who should I vote for and why?

Exactly what it says. Go.

EXPLANATION: Politics confuse me, so make it easy to understand. This is a serious question, and you could seriously help me determine who I end up voting for.

I ask because I don't want to vote without being informed about both parties, but I don't want to sit back and ignore the election like it isn't happening. Help a fellow American out.


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  • Okay. So I've just read all the answers to your question. And no one has answered it. Everyone is just telling you who they're voting for. So lemme break this down as simply as I can. General overview...

    Romney wants to tax the sh*t out of middle class folk and the poor. So much so, that people like me will be paying more taxes than his rich ass is every year. The economy can't survive without the middle class, and if Romney's laws go into effect, the middle class will be gone. Which means everything is screwed. Socially, being a republican, he is very conservative. He is extremely religious, and therefore against gay marriage. And when it comes to women's rights, his vice president is actually worse than he is. They believe that even if a woman gets raped, they shouldn't be allowed to have an abortion. Also, they're going to stop funding life-saving organizations like planned parenthood, which help a lot of women get health care that they couldn't otherwise afford.

    Obama is more about providing for everyone, not just the rich. He believes that people who make 6,000,000,000 a year should pay more taxes than those who make 60,000. For the past four years he's been trying to repair the eight years of damage that George Bush caused. Everyone expects an instant result, and folks are growing impatient that he can't fix the economy in half the time it took to destroy it. Any realistic person would understand why he hasn't made a big dent in that progress. If we reelect Romney, we might as well reelect George Bush--who got us into debt that's so high it cannot ever be repaid, and all that money? It didn't go into anything useful, like providing education for people. It went to a WAR. A war about greed. Anyway, back to Obama. So socially, Obama believes in equal rights. Basically the opposite of Romney. He believes that gays have the right to marry, and is very invested in women's reproductive rights.

    This is very very vague, and please, as a disclaimer, don't take anything anyone on gag says about politics too seriously. There are a lot of nuts on here. I understand why politics may overwhelm you. There's a lot of lying that goes on, and its hard to keep the facts straight. Alright folks, feel free to go wild on that thumbs down button ;)


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  • If you don't know who to vote for already it's better if you don't. Or just flip a coin, same thing.

    • Uninformed voters are the ones affected by ads, and ads cost money, and this is why money buys the government.

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    • And opinions is all you're going to get here. I'm not going to expect you to take my word for it if I tell you Mitt Romney is a used car salesman that is only looking out for the super rich. The same thing goes for the spammers spouting stuff about socialist Obama. If you don't look for info yourself and make up your own mind it's meaningless. The only thing I can tell you which I consider fair (and true) is that the mainstream media is a big fat lie.

    • "If you don't look for info yourself and make up your own mind it's meaningless." Haha, that's what I'm doing. I'm not relying on GAG. This is only one of my resources for opinion (one of my smaller ones, might I add). And no one so far as been helpful, mostly because they keep saying the same thing you are. Nobody's even giving me their opinions. They're just saying, "You're only gonna get biased crap on here, blahblahblah". Thanks.

  • Vote for Obama is you are clueless. If you are a millionaire and have no empathy towards people that work hard and are insuranceless than vote for the scummy liar guy. The "other" guy would rather have the country go to hell if he is not in charge. Donald Trump is the same way. If he knew that Obama would fix the country then he would try to sabotage our nation.

  • Here's the simple truth - if you honestly don't know by know which one to vote for, then you're probably too uninformed to make an intelligent choice and the best thing you can do is stay at home. We don't need lots of fools cluttering up the polls on election day.

    Next time, pay attention to the issues more than 12 days in advance of the election, educate yourself, and then you will know.

    No one here is going to objectively and truthfully tell you who to vote for.

    • Well, I understand your frustration, but I'm not completely clueless. I've been having political discussions for weeks with multiple different parties. To be honest, I'll probably go with Obama. I was just hoping to get more opinions from a new source in addition to the ones that I already had. Apparently, though, it seems more people would rather the country not vote than advocate for the candidate they're backing up. Strange, but interesting.

  • Obama. He is far better than a snake oil sales man/ chameleon.

    If I wanted a pasture for president I'd move to a theocracy. I hear Iran is doing well.

    Seriously I am dumb founded of how people are conned into voting against their own best interest.

    This election is about the op 5% earners scaring the middle class into thinking that if they pay more taxes it will have horrible consequences for the middle class. I say bring on bitches, you can't and won't scare me.

    What the f*** is a 'job creator' and 'soon to haves" any way? Who the f*** do they think we are?

    The way I see it, Obama is man whose heart and head are connected. He does care for the working class families. He is not perfect nor is he immune to the lobbyist and the powers behind the scene. But damn it at least he is trying. He could do so much more if the corrupt congress was not out to destroy him. The right hates him so much they will sink the ship to kill the captain. Seriously we are turning into a nation of "Joe the plumbers" with pockets filled with imaginary money and imaginary businesses and wealth. **shrugs**

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    • For anyone who thinks we are not sliding towards a theocracy think again!

      Just take a look at Romney endorsement of Richard Murdock. So disgusting to think that in the so called 1st world, most advanced, developed and "civilized" country we are talking about rape and fetus as the center stone of our elections. ** rolls eyes**

    • Thank you for your input. :) I think I will be voting for Obama.

  • Do you seriously believe that this nation can deal with 4 more years of Obama?

    • Everyone keeps saying that, but I think a lot of people are assuming the president has absolute power. Explain to me what he's done wrong, or better yet, explain how Romney will do better.

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    • Gimme a break show me some stats other than Chris Matthews

    • Agreed lol

  • LOL. You're asking this on GAG? This is a very pro-Obama site for many reasons.

    1) Age range of users is majority 16-24, and are all liberal at that age but have no idea why

    2) Users on this site feel social issues are more important than the economy in this election.

    3) People here think that Romney hates women and as a result, hate him for being rich.

    In my personal opinion-

    I bought into all of Obama's hope and change crap back in 2008 and he had my vote. He promised to create jobs, cut the huge deficit Bush left in half and just had a young, hip appeal about him. Well, we are really no better off today than 4 years ago seeing that Obama has doubled the deficit and he is 9 million short of his promised 5% unemployment rate. I understand that women and liberals care greatly about things like same-sex marriage and abortion rights, but everyone needs to understand that one man can't take those things away. Also Romney was governor of Massachusetts for the gay marriage act and equal pay for women as well. We cannot afford 4 more years of Obama.

    • Do you really think 4 years is enough time to effectively cut through the debt that's been building up for well over a decade now? Obama didn't create the mess, and isn't a lot of the debt that's continuously adding up from things that can't just be cut with his command? The president doesn't have full power over the country.

      How do you think Romney is going to do anything about the economy? And won't his policies hinder a young lower class girl paying tuition by herself?

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    • Yeah, the thing about "tax cuts" for the middle class is that I'm not middle class. I'm lower, working class. And the way I see it, Obama isn't the one spending all the money. Last time I checked, he doesn't have absolute power, so he can't just cut all the spending that was implemented before his election. But ah well. Thank you for the input. :)

    • Wrong. Obama with a Democratic congress spent all that money. We cannot afford another 4 years of him. A weak economy is our biggest threat.

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