Are you ready for movember guys?

who's growing out their mustache for movember? lol my older brother is growing out his china man mustache.


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  • I've always wanted to participate in this, and can't. The reason being that I grow limited facial hair, and what does come in grows very slowly anyway. But raising awareness of cancer is a very admirable pursuit, so good job to everyone who is doing this.


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  • A girl on another site I use, said that she hates when men grow out their beards. I told her to shut the f*** up. We don't do it for them, we do it for ourselves

    • I love it when men have facial hair! Women are supposed to be smooth, men are not.

      Just my opinion :-)

      I'm the only girl I know that loved how hairy Kurt Russell was in "The Thing" haha!

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    • Haha, what a load of crap that she said there. Men have beards for two reasons - to either grow it as long as he f***ing wants to or to just shave it off if he wants. Not if the girl wants...

    • I saw a girl on here earlier who said the same thing. I was going to tell her to shut the hell up, butttt I didn't want my comment to get removed. She knew she had it coming though, she spoke her mind about it, she's going to get crap for it

  • Sounds pretty stupid and childish but I want to see the results

  • Ive never even ever heard of that haha


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