When a guy says he likes you.. does he mean it?

What could his intentions be? Other guys have told me this before, but I didn't believe them.

If you have a second, read through this:

- I met him at a club I always go to

- He stuck around a lot, we kiss a lot

- He danced with me

- He tells me I'm fun to be around

- He kept putting his arms around me

- A friend of his said we're a nice couple

- I asked him to go out sometime, he said yes and then said no last minute before the date, then acted like it was a misunderstanding and he didn't know if I'd come..

- He weirded out a few weeks ago, but then came back recently and told me he wants more room to be with his friends

- He also told me he thinks I'm sweet

- He said he likes me, in front of my best friend

And all of this has been going on for about three months. So, does he mean it? I still don't believe it, please give me your opinions..
Important detail: He never contacts me, except for in the weekends. My friend already told him he should ask me out on a date, but he hasn't yet. She told him so about a week ago, when he told me he likes me.


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  • Club guys are unreliable in general because the first thing they look at is your appearance. Kissing a lot doesn't mean sh(t when you're under alcohol influence and you're not thinking straight. For a guy, hey man it's freebie...why not? Second of all, he's being ambiguous and it sounds to me he's playing games and/or seeing somebody else while keeping you as an 'option'. Combine playing games + regular clubber, I ask you a question: are you sure you want to be with this guy?

    • He can't be seeing someone else regularly, he's always at that club and I am mostly too. So if he'd be making out with some other girl there, I'd know. I don't know if he's playing games, but why would he? I'm older than him, his friends like me, we have a lot of fun together.. I just think he's a bit too immature to have a girlfriend. He'd rather be with his friends than with a girl I guess.

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