"You don't look like the typical black girl" What does this even mean?

The first time someone told me I don't look like the typical black girl it was by a photographer I was modeling for. Since then I have gotten these comments all the time.

Another incident was when my friend set me up on a date she told the guy I was mixed (half white half black) When in reality I'm just black. My father is mixed but I just consider myself a regular black woman.

I'm not even very light skinned like Jordin Sparks I have the same skin tone and facial features as Vanessa Morgans (My babysitters a vampire)

What does it mean that I don't look like the typical black girl?


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  • 1. The primary situation is certainly not what you consider yourself as :)

    2. Your father is mixed race so that may bring about certain genetic changes to you too immaterial of what you consider your ethnicity as

    3. Immaterial of which celeb you compare your skin tone and features to (as unlike) a typical 'black' is characterized by various things

    3.1. curly and generally short hair

    3.2. large nose and lips etc

    Over a period of time of living in places other than native place, mixing ethnicites etc there are changes to the features and anatomy as is there in behavior and beliefs. This may be the reason why the statement :)


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  • Well you are right to consider yourself just black because you have more than 75 percent black dna in your blood.

    Being mixed to me, would be someone half and half.

    People have black women in their minds under a certain look.

    The truth of the matter is our looks vary.

    When they say you don't look like a typical black woman,

    they have this specific look in mind and you don't match it.

    Just correct these people when they say you are mixed and be proud of what you are :)

    • Also. you gave an example of jordin sparks being mixed and lighter skin.

      Not all mixed people are light. I've seen some of those mixed with white and black come out on the darker end.

  • They watch too much TV and think everyone in the same race pretty much has the same facial features and attitude, or they think that you might take is as a compliment in a weird way. I check out Vanessa Morgan and she looks black to me and if you look like her then I don't understand why they would say you don't look like a typical black girl. Can't you ask them the next time what a typicla black girl have that you don't in their eyes?

  • This possibly has nothing to do with looks but everything to do with attitude.

    A man I know recommended a Black woman for a modeling project and sent me some photos, and she look typical black. She was attractive but the way she presented herself looked sexy to slutty and I did not need that I am selling tankless water heaters.

    There are a lot of chocolate colored women who are not Black American and will let you know it in a minute, some from Trinidad and Africa but their looks are not similar to the American woman. The Black American I think he is speaking of has a look of attitude.

    You have heard the phrase, "you can take the girl out the country but can't get the country out of the girl".

    Good Luck,

    • omg people from the carribbean have just has much attitude if not more ;P. lol

  • Typical means how one particular race generally looks like.I am not sure if you should feel offended or no but if I were you I would.


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