If It Takes You SIX Years To Graduate from College?

Should you be lecturing other people in the workplace?


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  • This is a vague question, which makes it difficult to give an answer to. It sounds like you're just upset about something and venting, really.

    But I will say this:

    1. There can be many reasons why a person might take a longer time to graduate from college. It's false just to assume that if someone took 6 years to graduate, it makes them an idiot or something. They may have been going to college part time because they needed to work to pay for it, or because they had other financial responsibilities. They could have went through a personal trauma that affected their school work negatively. They may have just goofed off a lot in their first few years (but that doesn't mean that they didn't get their act together or that they don't know their stuff).

    2. Taking longer to graduate doesn't mean that you have no right to speak up about something in your workplace. If my coworkers aren't doing their job correctly, for example, that has nothing to do with the length of time it took me to graduate.

    • ITA. You do have the right to voice your opinion at work but it does seem ironic to talk down to people with more education.

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    • Well, I can actually speak to that personally. I'm a nurse. While there is some overlap in the education and doctors and nurses, we have different sets of knowledge, skills, and experience. Even though the doctors I work with have gone to school for longer than I have and more knowledge on some topics, they respect my opinion. They ASK me for my opinion on things all the time. I also challenge their decisions because they sometimes make mistakes, or I notice something that they didn't.

    • They WELCOME my input, rather than get defensive.

      I don't know your situation, so maybe the person you're talking about is being a d*** about it. It's not cool to be a d***. But I disagree with your view that having taken 6 years to graduate means that a person can't speak up when they think someone is doing something wrong---they might be right.

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  • I haven't gone to College, yet my English skills are impeccable. I can talk a cat off of a fish wagon, to quote one of my favorite rappers. It does not matter how long it took a person to graduate College, or even if they went at all, so long as they know how to talk to people.

    By the way, there is no reason to be demeaning tosomeone who gives their opinion (Valid at that!), he is right.

    • That's great. I'm really not arguing about whether people should go to college or not.

  • There is no correlation between college graduation time and the amount of lectures you're allowed to give in the workplace.

    • 1. You are 17. So you most likely haven't gone to college yet and you certainly haven't graduated.

      2. You are not in the workplace.

      All of the above makes you unqualified to even respond to this question. Please don't waste time.

  • - bill gates never graduated

    - steve jobs never graduated

    - zuckerberg never graduated

    - larry ellison never graduated

    - michael dell never graduated

    - ...

    all business billionaires


    • None of this has any relevance to my question. This has nothing to do with people going to college vs. not going to college. Or people finishing college vs. not finishing college.

      Instead- I'm saying- why talk down to people if you clearly struggled yourself.

    • How do you know they're struggling? Anymore, 4 years is just in the movies or for kids who's parents pay for some standard business degree. You shouldn't be the one trying to find some ammo against someone when you are upset in the first place about them talking down to you.

  • First of all, this idea that one person's bachelor degree is equal to another person's bachelor degree is silly. Because we are all different people with all different experiences.

    A college degree is like a blackbelt in karate.

    A blackbelt won't defend you if you are attacked, the skills you learned to pursue the black belt will. A college degree is just a peice of paper. It's what you LEARNED in college that matters.

    Some people pick the creampuff courses so they have more time to party. Others really challenge themselves. Some people get high marks - other people get low marks. Some people memorize and forget the material. Other people actually understand it.

    If a person took six years to graduate college, it doesn't necessarily mean he or she was lazy or stupid.

    Maybe they had to get a job and study part-time (because their parents weren't fully supporting them)?

    Maybe they had other obligations such as a child?

    Maybe they had medical problems?

    • And if they didn't have any of those?

    • Then in the end, it's their intelligence, personality, temperament, skills and talents that will get them through, regardless of where they studied or how long.

  • it took me 5 years to finish college because I transferred schools and changed courses. but that doesn't mean I can't give people advice if they ask for it and its up to them to take it or not. some people didn't graduate at all yet still give good and insightful advices or lessons.

  • Some of the best and inspiring lectures I had were given by people who didn't even go to college, or if they did they didn't graduate.

  • The amount of time it takes to graduate college does not correlate with the ability to give a lecture

  • If they're your boss. Then yes they do have that right.

    • They aren't my boss.

    • Unless it's constructive criticism, or they are some how in a higher title than what you are at work. Then no they do not have any business telling you what to do. Even if they are a Harvard grad. If lecturing comes from an unnecessary place. Then no one has that right

  • People have different reasons for taking their time in college, once they graduate they have every right to do with their degree all the things those who graduated in less amount of time are entitled to.


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