Why are some guys so mean?

Do men enjoy hurting woman's feelings?

Do men think messing with a women's emotions is a game?

Why do men hurt women's feelings?

Do men enjoy seeing us women cry?

Honestly can anyone answer these Questions for me please?


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  • There are plenty of girls who are the same way. Plenty os guys have stories of what girls have done to them.

    It's a matter of having a better picker of what type of person you want to be with. I notice girls constantly going after guys who don't care about them yet they constantly chase instead of finding the guy that actually wants to settle down. It's like people can't just settle down anymore and enjoy a happy relationship.


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  • Yes some of them enjoy it because they feel superior towards women.I don't say all but I know few guys who are like this.Stay away from them and leave them alone.They will get their price back some days.I always believe that.

  • Yeah there are some guys out there that fit that description and they are called a**holes. It sounds like you have met someone like this. My suggestion is to stay away from this person- they sound like they are toxic to you.


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