What size shirt should I get my boyfriend?

He is really skinny and about 5'7? He has really long legs though so he might be a lot shorter in his chest. A friend of mine reckons his chest size is 30 inches or less and it means he is TINY. Sizing guides recon I should by a youth medium or large but I'm not sure? Oh and this is American sizes by the way (I'm getting him a shirt off the internet I know he'll find funny). Not really sure how mens sizes even work! Any help? Thanks!
His brothers corrected me (were good friends) he's 5'5 1/2 or 6'0


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  • Buy medium, if he's skinny medium probably fits. If he's like uber skinny small will fit him. But when buying online, the sizes usually come in Asian size(Asians are small) So take the medium.

    My size is large on everything. I'm not fat, or in any ways "Large", and I'm not skinny either. But medium is just too small for me, so if he's just normally skinny, medium would be the thing.

    • thanks a lot! I can order the shirt now! It's for Christmas but I always order earlier if its from the internet

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  • I'm a skinny and 5'8 tall. I fit into medium sized American shirts just fine.


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