What should I do... I'm lost.

i made a mistake last night.. in no longer a vergin. I want to tell the guy but its hard..

i called him

he called me back

he said he did you call?

i said yah

he said okaa. umm I'm busy what do you want

i said umm I was just wandering if your texting on your phone works

he said um no I don't kno what's wrong with is

i said ohh ok

he said bye and hung up so I cudnt ask him

should I call him back?. and just tell him straight up?
i meant I couldn't tell him that I lost it...
i need to tell him.. he needs to kno how upset I am.. and he needs to kno that I am disappointed in him


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  • well either you just had sex with a guy with some guy who wasn't your boyfriend or you neglected to tell us that's your boyfriend.

    I'm going with he wasn't your boyfriend and you felt like you gave up something to a random stranger and it won't be viewed as special or anything like you properly imagined it, these things happen, just gotta learn to let it go, it sounds hard and harsh but there's nothing anyone else can do to help you other than help you move on to someone else who won't just take your body for granted then run off.


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  • Well you've gotten yourself in an interesting situation here. First off, did you use protection? Why are you worried you might get pregnant? Second, why do you feel like it was a mistake? Was It more of a one night stand thing, even though he was your ex? What's been done is done, unfortunately you can't change it and I can sense this is really eating you up inside. Answer my questions and ge back to me, I can be of more help then.

    • he put a condom on but.. when he was inside me he said the he cummed. nd he started to freak out a little

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    • yah he went in me so I'm not a virgin?... okay.. alright so you think it is right for me to tell him how I feel?.. I tried once but he just shut me off. talk to him erson or call?

    • If he went all the way inside you and you bled, you're not a virgin anymore. There is nothing wrong with you calling him and telling him how you feel. Don't make it awkward which is why he probably shut you out the first time. You can meet in person as well.

  • Well I can tell you're beating yourself up over having sex for the first time, and so I won't say anything on it. Tell him everything you think you need to. Don't beat around the bush. Call him when you are both free.

  • So he doesn't know that he banged you? That doesn't make sense. Call him back.

    • he knows that he did.. but don't you think I shud tell him tht I'm not a virgin nomore?

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    • If you let yourself get used then you can't complain.

  • that's not a good sign I think this was just a one night stand

    • well he was my ex. but I think he should at least take a mature stand in it.. just in case if I turn out to be pregnant or not

    • if he was interested he would be much more talkative

    • yah true I think I will call him later.. or just tlk to him in person at school on mon

  • I'm so confused, of course you're not a virgin if you had sex with him


    • hah whatt?

    • Can you explain to me what happened but calmly this time?

    • last night my ex and I got together. we started making out at first then we did alittle bit more. the he sarted fingering me and all. and he put on a condom. and he went in me. but he was having trouble nd it hurt as Fck so he put a different one on nd he went in again then he Oh. no I cumm?d nd I said it didn't go in me right?. he said no it didnt, then that was tht but he did make me bleed.

      so I'm I pregnant.? I'm I still a virgin? I am very angry with him and I want to tell him to kno that I a

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