This is for girls, some help?

How do I know if my girlfriend is on period time? What do to if so? How to talk or treat?

Every little info will help.

Thanks Girls


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  • How to know someone is on their period?

    Well the most obvious thing is the mood - she is likely to snap or get angry over the tiniest thing - [happens to me]. Also, notice for signs of grimaces - as a few days before she starts her menstrual cycle - she is likely to feel jolts of pain - often they are the clue to women they are starting their monthly cycle. She'll feel crap - won't want to get out of bed.

    She will also wear dark colors in case she is worried she may get blood on her white pants,etc

    She would also make trips to the bathroom more often.

    She would also walk funny due to period cramps (someone get them).

    What you should do?

    Help her with tasks - so she feels relaxed

    Don't sympathetic - don't say something that can make her feel annoyed - be patient

    Ask her how she would like to be treated - since; no-one knows her better than herself

    How to treat her?

    Get her chocolate - believe me whether you get her chocolate ice-cream or a bar of chocolate it has a calming affect on women in their monthly cycle for some unknown reason.

    Give her painkillers - if she hasn't taken any.

    Watch her favorite movie, with a bowl of chocolate ice-cream, lights out - (I normally do this and it helps - takes the mind of the pain).

    Give her a massage - they can be soothing.


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  • The mood, and try to pay attention to little details like if she's complaining of cramps or she likes wearing dresses and/or skirts, she'd rather wear jeans/comfortable pants while she's on her period , and just treat her the same but be a little more patient with her :)

  • Well, some girls get a bit cranky a couple of days before their period or just when they're on their period. Other girls don't. Some girls get stomach aches and crave junkfood, others don't. But what you could do is pamper her. Invite her over for a night, rent one of her favorite movies, get chocolate and ice cream and we all like those cherry pit pillows for on our stomachs if it hurts.

    Oh, and if she gets emotional about stuff, could be period time as well.

    But with some girls you don't even notice they're on their period.


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