Guy interested but used the phrase 'unabashed sista' !!!

This guy shows a lot of interest in me...we chat for hours together almost every day and he tells me everything about himself and is very keen to know more about me. After about 2 weeks of chatting, I asked him about his girlfriend and he said that he was dating someone. Even though I was surprised to know this, I took it well in front of him and continued to be his friend. He even asked for my number, started calling me on his way back from work and is interested in making plans to meet ! But I have 2 questions-

1. If he is dating someone, why is he giving me so much importance ?

2. He used the phrase 'unabashed sista' when I joked about him being obsessed about his pictures and bragging about them and he replied 'unabashed sista'. What does this mean ? Does he consider me as his sister ?

I am so confused ! Please help guys !


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  • When the term "dating" gets involved it is confusing. Some people don't date exclusively and will go to the term "relationship" after a "dating" phase. It would depend on if he was in a relationship or not.

    A lot of couples don't talk to each other much outside of their dates. The fact that he is calling you and not texting is odd. If he was texting he could hold both conversations.

    Him giving you a lot of attention can only mean 2 things. He either wants you for a side affair or intends to dump the other girlfriend.

    • Hey thanks a ton ! Even I was apprehensive as he said that he was 'dating' someone but never spoke about having a relationship or anything. I guess I will be cautious yet wait and watch till things get clearer ! I was just concerned as I wanted to confirm if the term 'sista' is used generally or exclusively for a girl one thinks of as his sister ! :P But now that it is clear, I will react accordingly... Thanks once again :)

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  • lol I don't think it's literal.

    I had this korean roommate who referred to his firends as elder brother, I thought he actually had a brother, turns out he didn't ^^

    • Hmm thanks :) I hope it's the same case here as well! I got confused as the guy is saying this to a girl he is showing interest in :(

  • He is playing a meanings game to get into your pants.

    An old phrase "do you know what I am saying" is a fill in the blank statement used by thieves to have you see what you want to see. It looks like he is pulling you into his complex drama. "sista" means he is trying to make you think comfortably of him like family. "unabashed" not afraid. Now you put all this together you have a man who is manipulating your mind to get into your pant.

    He is telling you he wants 2 women and you knew he had a girlfriend.

    If I were you I would leave him alone. He is not being honest. He is oddly telling you he expects you to be a fool.

    I have hired many people and know what a fool sounds like.

    Enter at your own risk.

    • Thanks for your advice...yes I think I need to be cautious with this guy as one never knows what are his intentions ! But thanks a lot :)

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