How do you take a good self portrait?

I've been needing some good self portraits. There aren't ANY of me on my phone. I'm not someone who will take pictures of myself all day. Nor am I the type that will hand a camera to my friends and tell them to take a picture of me.

I need a good self portrait of myself, but I'm not sure of how to look good in front of the mirror besides without having a shirt. I'm bad at normal self portraits.

Guys, what's your favorite self portrait you have of yourself or one that you've felt confident about?

Girls, what's a good example of a self portrait? a link would be nice or a description.
good example for a girl: link

she's doing everything right in that pic. her hair, her style, location is just her bathroom. I would like to know a good "guy self portrait" example


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  • Just find a time when you're comfortable. She's probably stuck in front of a camera all the time taking pictures of herself or with others. Try using your laptop and then work your way to the phone. Try it right before you walk out of the door to go to school or work. Your room is probably the best place because I find it creepy that people stand in the bathroom taking photos of themselves.


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  • That girl is being disgustingly generic. If you want to be like her:

    1) Stand in front of a mirror

    2) Take off your shirt if you've got the body. If you don't have the body, just be more extreme with the next step

    3) Do some type of "cool" gesture (e.g. the backhand peace, the shrug, or the middle finger if you wanna be especially badass)

    4) Wear a Polo and jeans. Bling and baseball cap are optional

    5) Also optional, hold a beer or red cup

    For actually good photos:

    1) Never show your camera/phone in the picture; Webcams are the best medium

    2) Headshot or medium (waist up) shot

    3) Smile naturally; or if you aren't a good smiler, make a face that captures your personality (e.g. eyebrow raised, tongue sticking out, or just look happy with your eyes)

    4) Take the pic of you doing something you enjoy

    5) Take the picture in good lighting so that your features are distinguishable (this is important even if you edit it into B&W---which is optional as are other photo effects, but totally permissible)

  • The best pictures are the ones you don't pose for. Go to your location with someone and have them just keep hitting the shutter button for like an hour. You'll end up with a ton of pictures of you being relaxed and natural, so you should be able to pick out one or two that would make a good portrait. :)

  • Korean eoljjang ("best face"):

    Female: link vs link

    Male: link vs link

    Guess the good and the bad.


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