Guys help me! What does it mean, why would he do this?

So there's a guy I met about 3 months ago. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. Since then he's been texting me asking to take me out etc. Every Saturday late night has been texting me just asking how I am. He always does it super late Saturday night. It's never pervy or asking to see me at that moment ie. not a booty call or anything like that. He usually texts after clubbing that evening. Why would someone do this regularly to a girl?


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  • Do you like him? Yes: take him up on his offer to go out sometime. You're not committing to sleep with him, just coffee or dinner or whatever you want. No: Then stop letting him make a fool of himself and tell him he doesn't have a chance.

    Simply put, it could mean anything, but you won't know until you go find out. You know he's interested, you didn't need us to spell that out for you. But nobody can tell you what's really going on in his mind but him. So go find out if you're interested (which you clearly are since you're on here asking about it.)

    • I do like him, but I can't go out until I'm done with exams. I definitely plan on seeing him again after that- I've told him this already. What I don't understand is why his texts are after he's got back from a club every Saturday night

    • loneliness. When I've had some drinks and the night is over, sometimes I end up texting everybody. Not drunk texting. Just a little buzzed and want people to talk with.

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