If you think you've impressed someone you just met, how would you follow up?

You are still together at some public place. How aggressive will you be in meeting her again?
  • I'll ask her to go for a walk right then and there if practical
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  • I'll arrange a fxed time to meet again, right on the spot.
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  • I will get her contact number and text or email right away
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  • I'll try to find out abouther from friends trying to contact her
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  • I'll say goodby and leave it up to fate if we meet again
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Only one answer? Gee...but it is a good answer!
I'm an A guy myself!


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  • man just do the quick and easy thing and get her dam number, that's not too aggressive but gets your foot in the door because chix of ALL ages are gettn real simplified thanks to the TV brainwashed stupor everyone seems to be in, so they seem to connect real good through texting like nothing I ever seen before.

    they start a texting relationship & think y'all somehow "bonded"... makes no sense to me but that's how it is, y'all text like MFRs to each other then next time you see their friends theyre like "so YOUR xyz dude she won't shut the fawk up about".

    i been gone from our civilization fighting for years bro but I came back and now the chix are easier than I ever imagined, theyre all whores now... make a few jokes making em laugh & theyre ripping out your hammer gobbling away lol, this age of corporate advertising hooked even the older women. they all want to be like the cute slut they seen on some crappy TV show or some ol spinster chix from 'sex in the city'

    • I agree about the text bonding, It's a mirage, but if people believe in it, well, it's real for them!

      Please RATE the question!. And yes they all want to be like the actresses theysee on TV shows.

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    • no prob martyfellow & to MissAM the types I mentioned above are the north American majority I'm afraid to say. the only reason I noticed the drastic changes is because I was not here to see them incrementally build over the last 10+ yrs, my being unplugged from the matrix for so long made so much clear to like I recognised the powerful poisonous effect of the TV its like a likeable variation of George Orwells 1984 telescreens, I remember the world b4 the changes it was the last time I seen it

    • I understand where you are coming from and how things must look after being gone for a long time but honestly not every female will be like that :-) (again thank goodness ha ha)

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  • Time and tide waits for no one and no good opportunity ever strikes twice.

  • C.

    If the chemistry was good between me and a guy I'd just met (and he impressed me) exchanging numbers would be the best next step in my eyes. I would want to talk to him more. :-)

  • If I met them on campus or something like that, I would ask if they were headed. If I'm going the same way, I would offer to walk with them.

  • In no ways I will call right away though. And I voted C

  • get her number


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