What are my legal rights in this situation?

I went out with some friends last night. I parked my car in a visitor spot in one of 'my friends' underground parking lots. Now he decides we are no longer friends and my car is still in the locked underground lot and he won't answer his phone or come down to let me in to get my car.

I need my car to get to work. What legal recourse do I have? I can't find a number to the property management either. I can prove it's my car if someone would just let me in to get.
I called the police and was told that I have to get a hold of him first and then if he refuses they will come and assist me. He turned off his phone after I kept calling and texting to get my car back. I didn't call him any names or act out even though I wanted to, I just wanted to take the high road.
I went back and asked a girl who lived there to let me in, I explained the situation and showed her my ID and insurance papers to prove it was my car. It worked out. It's sad that a stranger was kinder than someone I have been friends with for so many years.

I get it, he is having a rough time in his life but it is no reason to take it out on me. I have been there for him through this rough patch then he gets drunk and acts like this.


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  • I would definitely call the police. That is a malicious criminal act I would think. He is esentially taking your property.

  • Call the police - that's pretty much theft, because he's holding your property hostage.

  • Go to the police immediately. One way or the other you will get your car back. Borders on a criminal act.

    • I know but I don't think this is something the police will bother with. Maybe I will call the police non emergency line and see what they suggest. Thanks. :)

    • They will bother with it.

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