Does this mean I'm friend zoned? or possible interest?

I've been talking to this girl for about 2 weeks(I'm 18, she's 17) and we were texting last night and she told me how she's always in doors playing video games and going on tumblr on the weekends

I replied "Your so geeky ;)"

She then replied with a semi long statement of

"Well not many people asking me to hang out, and when I ask them to hang out they always blow me off. so I really only have this one good friend that hangs out with me"

-She's revealing a bit about her personal life to me, does that mean she only sees me as a friend?

-Or could she be hinting that I should make a move and ask her to do something on the weekend?
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  • You're in the friend zone because you worry about it. If you fear the friend zone then you are putting that one girl on the pedestal. Don’t put women on the pedestal and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. There are plenty of fish out in the sea.

    • Ok, sounds fair enough. Would you say making a move and not fearing the friend zone is the best way to go?

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  • When people reveal personal details it's a form of rapport building (think: building trust). Doesn't necessarily mean friend zone.

    Girls are subtle. So yes, I would view this as an implied opening to make a move and ask her out.

    • the problem here is that he's building this rapport way too long.

      @qa time is ticking. you need to decide what you want; if you wanna be her girlfriend keep chatting about nonsense, otherwise make a move.

    • I actually agree with you prophecy, I'm a bit new to the game so I'm not really good at understanding how much rapport I should build and how long I should build it for.

      But in my current situation I know I've built enough and definitely will be making a move today.

  • i think mabey yes she is indirectly suggesting you send an invite to hang out.

    try and see how she responds, if its a definative no then I say leave her alone.

    but if its a yes then great, if she does like you she mite say something like oh I'm not sure or when yhen she's still thinking about it and intersested.

    she might be shy so try inviting her out on group things to boost her confidance.

  • No, don't look into that to deep. If anything she is allowing you to be a little closer and feels comfortable enough with you that she doesn't feel you will judge her.

  • ask her to hangout & be geeky with you. then you can find out what she thinks about you or what she wants.


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