So apparently lots of guys on here 'white knight' girls?

Can anyone post some examples? and why is that bad?


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  • "White Knight" is a very misused phrase on this site.

    It's mostly used by people who don't seemto understand that not everyone thinks and feels the way they do.

    For example, telling a girl that even if she's overweight, there are some guys who like fat girls. The odds are against her, but it's not impossible for her to find a boyfriend who likes plumper girls. Say that, and you'll get called a White knight, for allegedly lying to the girl. And the allegation is made by someone who is just so-certain that men only like stick-thin girls.

    No matter what the physical "imperfection", merely pointing out that it's not a big deal nor the end of the world, can get you labeled a white knight.

    It should come as no surprise that these allegations come from people who have their own physical "imperfections", and to them those really are the be-all and end-all of dating. So how dare we tell someone that it's not important.

    Obviously, we must have another agenda.

    Oh, and it's not just embittered guys who lay this accusation either. There's a few girls who do it too, because they can't wrap their heads around the idea that their physical flaws aren't the most important things in the universe to a personal suitor.

    After all, they have to blame something for their singledom. It couldn't be their awful personalities, now could it?


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  • like someone said before, being a "white knight" is kind of pathetic and sad. There is no real purpose to being one, especially online. The only reason I can really think of to be a white knight is in order to feel like you have some power to defend someone even though its not possible for you in real life.If a girl is getting verbally abused on online by some troll, then trying to help her will just end up with both of you wasting time and the troll wins. .

  • Actually, it's just that there's a lot of misogyny on this site.

    So, when a guy shows even the minimum amount of human decency toward women, they call him a "white knight" (and god forbid a man actually acts nicely toward or agrees with a woman!).

    They assume that any man who is decent toward or agrees with a woman is doing so only because he "puts p**** on a pedestal" or wants acceptance or a reward from women. Since they are anti-women, they cannot wrap their head around that another man could be genuine when he says something positive to or about women.

    I'm not saying that there aren't men who build women up to be something they're not, and that isn't a great attitude to have (women are people---they aren't perfect, they make mistakes, they can be pretty sh*tty sometimes), but generally when I see people using the term "white knight", they're people who have an equally extreme attitude toward women, just in the opposite direction (they're bitter and hateful toward women).

    • there is an equal amount of misandry however misandry is a widely accepted thing so this misogyny you speak of is actually just normal thoughts

    • 1. Just because something is common does not mean it's "normal" or acceptable.

      2. If misogyny is "actually just normal thoughts", does that mean that misandry is also "just normal thoughts"?

      3. Misandry isn't relevant to this conversation. I'm talking about views about women. The only reason I can see bringing up misandry in this conversation is if you want to make the argument that shaming men by calling them "white knights" is misandry.

  • Yes

    It's not bad, but it's pathetic and sad. White knighting a girl isn't gonna lead to sex and I notice the dudes who do it on here the most are like 20 something year old virgins who aren't content with their relationship status.

    And because they spend all of their time white knighting girls who pretend to think they're ugly or unattractive but really, it's painfully obvious those girls just want anus lickers to constantly compliment them.

    Or they white knight chicks who are using fake pics/guys with fake profiles pretending to be pretty girls, which is weird that someone would even create a fake account and sad that a person online could fall for it

    I just fail to see how white knighting is good considering it doesn't make a person "good"

  • it is bad because they are stupid

  • and the troll of gag is back with the "white knight" BS.. hmm thought you would have been banned by now since this is your 7th account lol

    • Ummm you must have me confused with someone else. I'm actually referring to peacelovecoutures answer here h ttp://w

    • you care wayy too much about what I think and say

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