Do you think Anarchy is a valid political stance to take?

'Cos nowadays, in the West, I notice most people sort of treat anarchy like a silly stepchild, who doesn't really matter. Like, when people identify as anarchist they're really not taken seriously. Do you think it's not comparable to Capitalism and Socialism?


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  • Then make them take you seriously in the same way you did with the previous answerer who incorrectly stated that Anarchy is the opposite of order and method.

    I must say that you handled the discussion in an admirable way by using sources about Spain.

    Suggestion: Read books and articles by Bakunin (who is considered to be the father of Anarchy), Kropotkin, Emma Goldman and Noam Chomsky (a recent one).

    Personally, I am in love with the idea of Anarchy. Unfortunately, I don’t think it could work nowadays because people are misinformed and ignorant about it. Most of them haven’t even heard that there are many different types of Anarchy. Anarchy is portrayed as something animalistic and outside human’s nature.

    People are imbeciles (I don’t exclude myself), they follow fashion, they worship money and people with high-status and they know nothing at all. They just keep quoting silly words that are told by people in power, politicians and journalists of mass media to make themselves appear knowledgeable.

    If people gave it a try in Anarchy it would probably end up in Tyranny. That’s because some power-hungry people would take advantage of the situation by using their charisma in order to start manipulating and controlling other people (or the physically stronger would probably use physical force to make the physically weaker kneel before them etc).

    So the idea, would most probably fade very quickly.

    Another thing which should be considered is that are afraid of freedom because we are taught all of our lives that freedom is something inconceivable and impossible. It’s extremely hard to detach our wired brains from that thought.

    We spend our whole lives working because of fear. Our entire lives are based on fear (fear of being unable to pay our taxes, fear of poverty, fear of wars, fear of not being socially acceptable etc).

    From the time we are born until we die we are slaves. We are slaves and we have learnt to embrace our chains and to pass them on to our offsprings, so that the constant cycle continues.

    We are not ready yet. I don’t know if we will ever be but unfortunately right now, we are not ready to embrace an anarchical society.

    We should start being aware of our situation. We should turn off our tvs, start reading and conversing more with other people. Also, we should listen more than we talk.

    That would be a good start in my opinion.

    As for “capitalism” and “socialism” I will give you my definitions.

    Capitalism: A system in which poor become poorer and rich become richer. Everything is structured on greed.

    Socialism: Restraint and servitude.

    Have you heard of Zapatistas? link

    ^If not you may find that interesting.

    Sorry for rambling.

    By the way, excuse my poor English, I am not a native speaker.

    • Hehe, thankyou! And, very impressive answer. Very.

      I know all those names except Bakunin, but I haven't read any anarchist literature apart from a few excerpts of Proudhon. I began as a Trotskyist and was a fringe members of a few Communist Radical groups in Northern Ireland, and eventually moved into Frankfurt School Marxism before dismissing the notion of Communism altogether. It's only recently I've become acquainted with Anarchy and seen under the veil that it's *not* just total madness----

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    • Anarchic systems, usually syndicates, can be very real. The same can apply to any kind of labour. Gather Anarchists, set-up, become smalltime entrepreneurs. Abolish Wage Slavery as was the Big Ideal of the Spanish collectives. Abolish hierarchies. Don't ignore luxuries, don't allow for corruption. It'll catch on, it's a far, far better alternative to Corporatism and the only rational one really posed, or rather, not posed. Just start small...

      Very interesting about the Zapatistas, also----

    • I hadn't heard about them. Maya Liberationists! I dig. Are you Mexican?

      And; what do you identify as, politically? Or are you political at all? Since you seem to refute Anarchism, Capitalism and Socialism.

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  • No political stance should be taken, politics is not in this world to do anything good it is only here to help the bad people so just call yourself a human being and forget about this stupid politics non sense, all it is really is sweet talking a in or out of things there is no real trick to it, anyone can do it if your good enough of an actor, just don't complicate your life by focusing on all of this because at the end of the day they have got you hooked on a lot of drama that nobody needs, I see what's going on in the world but have we ever actually seen anyone have enough courage to actually make a proper change in the way this world is ran? I don't think so... all people consider helping is holding up a sign and shouting, it's never worked, the only way it would work is it f you lost an arm and a leg for it so come on just be happy, use your mind, you don't have to do everything according to how this stupid illusion tells us to do, there are many things you can do to make your life great and different towards what anyone else does, all they do is work then are a complete couch spud when they get home just thinking how crap life is but nobody said they had to sit there and mope, anyone can do anything after work, tiredness really isn't an excuse to be honest.

    • No, I agree with you. It comes back to the phrase I always quote on here, 'Withdrawing in disgust is not the same as apathy.' I refuse to watch the news, read newspapers, I even had my tumblr friends block all their political posts for me. I like these kinds of politics, though. Transglobal politics, systems, formations. And you're right about the picketing thing. Ireland's Anarchist society, Organise! is all about leafleting people outside caf?s, and I'm really-----

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    • causes the idea to also organize people into groups as well which has really backfired into secluding us from each other so honestly id like to live a life doing what I want, that doesn't label each and every thing including people and also doesn't spread so much information to the point of confusing the entire population, I never read anything because I feel lt is rather conflicting to the mind to have so much info saying this and that is how you do it, having so many ways is confusing

    • and especially having so many labels, rules, sub-rule then another sub-rule upon that sup-rule, then there's genres, sub-genres upon sub-genre, then there's social labels and on top of that there is also sub-labels upon whatever social label is the main label, lol I know reading that it'self is like holy hell... complicated lol, I honestly don't see any need for a lot of things, the human mind is simple and only needs things done in a simple and fun way that doesn't drag on.

  • Do you mean Anrarchism? Anarchy and Anarchism are two very different things. Anarchy is a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority; disorder in other words. Anarchism on the other hand, is a political theory composed of many ideas, mostly emphasizing individual freedom, goverment less society where people take complete control over their life decisions and the decisions of ther community.

    The problem with Anarchism, is that we are far from being capable of applying Anarchism. I mean look at how work is organzied, how politics organized and most importantly in my opinion, look how cities and the places where we live are disigned? In order for Anarchism to work, society needs to be organized by communes, where each commune is autonomous over the course of their lives, basically they make their own food, clothing, and other stuff with little trade in between. Also we are heavily dependent on money, Anarchism usually works with a gift economy or barter economy, in which we are far beyond capable of implementing.

    As of now it is very difficult to implement Anarchism in a society where we live.

  • Anarchists believe in anarchism.

    The word "anarchy" comes from the Greek "anarkhos"

    An (No) - Arkhos (Ruler)

    Anarchism is the practice of having no ruler.

    An anarchist society is a society without government hierarchy.

    This is entirely possible within communist theory, as well as others. I'd certainly say it's a valid political stance.

  • Anarchy is not viable because it will always end somehow. An anarchist state is very temporary. I guess communism is the same way, but it's more sustainable because people can sustain communism. By its definition, people cannot actively sustain anarchy because that would be a form of government. All people could do in a truly anarchist state is sit back and hope that no governments form. But a government will always form.

  • there are too many of us to allow for anarchy. we are social creatures and without rules, it will become a free for all. we might not like the systems in place. better to change those than to abandon all social order. even if that is a tough task.

  • Nope. I know there are different types of anarchy but overall the concept doesn't do it for me. Humans have the abilities to establish powerful societies. That is probably our most defining characteristic. I'm willing to bet if all form of government disappeared tomorrow people would naturally work towards building another one.

  • For a society to thrive, it must have a defined order and method. Anarchy is opposite of that.

    • What utter nonsense. There is a vicious myth which is no less than propaganda that Anarchy is without society or order or law, and I don't know who had the idea or where it began, but it's not *true*. I can't even point to any fringe group of anarchists who try and uphold that idea. That's a ridiculous idea, yes, but it's not any idea anyone actually holds.

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    • It spanned several hundred years. Spain is still here. There wasn't any unrest, no. I mean, the entirety of spain was in unrest, you had multiple different political systems operating within one country, that's bizarre and unsettling, but certainly, from what I've read they were the best-off. They didn't care about money and sought to abolish the 'wage' system, so we can't really measure them against Capitalist systems of wealth; their participants ranged----

    • the whole gamut of wealth, without succumbing to hierarchy. They were a wide and considered political force and they even had a magazine... They fared extremely well during the Spanish Civil War, as far as I've read, though I'm not an authority on the war. Anyway, they were far from living in poverty and they were all very into it. I mean, you don't get Capitalist Monthly, right? So, yeah, I'd judge it was successful. Very successful.

  • I used to be an avid Anarchist, but in being too radical I scared myself into just holding onto the beliefs and waiting for the government to collapse

    that may be the reason

  • No.

    Law and freedom without violence is a philosophy and ideal.. not a realistic possibility.

    Law without force is an empty recommendation. --Immanuel Kant"

    It is not comparable to Capitalism or Socialism because it's not the same category.. Capitalism and Socialism are types of economic systems. Anarchy, Republics, Depotisms, etc.. are types of governments.

    The US is a Republic.. so assuming you wanted to compare it to that.. I'd reiterate Kant's point. You can't have law without force/authority. It's why Anarchy is often used coequally with the word chaos.

  • um...anarchy is not comparable to capitalism and socalism on a political stance. I'm an anarchist because the American government causes much more harm than good, so from a personal standpoint I would rather the government collapse with the economy. I don't know if I would choose that for my loved ones but that's another story. I'm a firm believe in capitalism which America is NOT a capitalist state. In fact, a perfect capitalist state would only come from anarchy.

    I think if most people saw the government in its true light they would want it destroyed too. 99% of people have no idea how corrupt the US government really is. the US is beyond fixable and the only thing left to do is tear down and rebuild.

  • As you know, most people think that anarchy is the same as chaos or without rules.

    Anarchy is one of the better structures around.

    It strives to have a horizontal structure instead of a vertical/pyramid structure like there is now. Anarchy wants people to be equal and not have some people on the top make decisions about things they don't have a clue about.

    Anarchy is about the people who are effected by the rules should also make them.

    Anarchy is more about creating smaller communities like the Internet. If one server crashes, the whole system doesn't break down. Our current flawed system will break completely if one mayor "hub" breaks down.

    Anarchy is about equality. Democracy have never been about equality and that's why Anarchy has been made into its biggest threat and all myths about Anarchy being chaos, about violence and unordered have been created.

    • Yes yes yes yes. Anarchy is about dispelling the ridiculous idea that the person at the top is more trustworthy than the person at the bottom.

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