How do I get women interested in me?

I always seem to mess something up or not do things right. I am intelligent, fairly attractive, I can be funny, sweet, loyal, etc...

meanwhile I am 23 and I have never been in an actual relationship and not done very much at all...

Sometimes it feels like a conspiracy against me because almost every other guy has better luck than I do with these endeavors... and I am too old to have these problems.


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  • hi, may I know what kind of girls that can make you interested?

    u know dating a girls is also not easy..

    am sure you can date with any girls IF you don't put high expectation for the girl that you wanna date with..

    maybe she should be smart? should be beautiful? sexy?!or any other things?

    well, start with simple and sweet girl..

    it will help you to get a date and am sure you can hold the conversation with simple girl :)

    just say hi to her and ask her for a coffee.. ( no cinema for first date)

    so you guys can talk..

    and I suggest you to not spend many times with her..

    just meet for a coffee for an hour or one and half hour.

    and take her home.. and says to her that you can't wait for another coffee with her.

    and when you on the first date, just be your self and if tld us that you funny? or maybe you like to make some jokes?

    if yes give it try! one or 2 times and see her reaction.. if not good better change topic with her fav movie or what she doin in the weekend..

    if she likes your joke then make another last one and then change topic..

    well let it flow :)

    good luck ;)

    (owh note you can tell her one thing, I like your dress!);)

  • You are not old you are only 23. I will tell you like I told one of my guy friends. Just be your self and the right girl will come along and love you for u. You also have to get out and meet people you can't just stay at home unless you like to online date. my guy friend just got married last month and a year ago he was crying that he would never find anybody. by the way he is 27. don't worry just have fun


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