This is unforgivable.


You can deny its truth all you want (and I'm sure many of you out there will), but you can't argue math and statistics when done right. Seriously, check the math yourself, check the sources linked. Don't be blinded by party or any bs... this is unacceptable. This is proof we need to do something.



I can bring a ton more cases if you want. More evidence of such problems.


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  • First link comes from an extremely biased, foreign site, furthermore his conclusions are sketchy at best. He suggests that voting machines are programmed to switch democrat votes to republicans, and his "proof" is the fact that larger districts, population-wise, were found to lean in a certain direction politically.

    First of all, that isn't proof by any stretch of the imagination. There are lots of perfectly logical reasons why that would be the case. Districts are often drawn to group together similar demographics, and it makes perfect sense that people who live in a more densely populated area are more likely to have different issues of concern, and therefor different political beliefs.

    Second, he suggests that this "vote flipping program" targets larger districts because it is easier to hide the fraud that way. While that may make sense if you don't actually think too hard, more careful consideration reveals that this conclusion is completely illogical. The fact that this difference based on district size is noticeable is PROOF that it DOESN'T make it easier to hide. If someone wanted to program the voting machines to change votes, anyone with half a brain would do it in such a away as to not leave telltale signs, such as a small, maybe 0.5% switch across ALL districts.

    Second link, let's use some of that math you were talking about. The first mistake was something like 60 fliers that were printed wrong, for the second misprinting (which was probably just old, incorrect fliers that weren't thrown out with the rest) I can't find how many incorrect fliers there were, so let's just examine the first one for now.

    60 fliers, 30% of the population is Latino, that's what we know, now let's make some assumptions

    1. Some Latinos speak English as their first language. Let's assume just 10% (probably higher)

    2. Not all Registered Latinos are going to vote, but let's assume it will be 60% (probably lower)

    3. Not all voters are going to use the flier to find out when election day is maybe 50%, at most.

    4. Even some Latinos who don't read English and who are using the flier as their sole source of election day knowledge will notice that the English date and Spanish date don't match (maybe 5%) or so

    5 Of all the Latino voters, who could have possibly tried to vote on the wrong day, some of them, maybe a third, would still be voting republican.

    Ok, now let's crunch some numbers. 60x90%x60%x50%x95%x(2/3-1/3)= about 5

    Using these worst case scenario numbers, the amount of votes that would be lost would be 10 democrat votes and 5 republican votes, for a net gain of just 5 votes for republicans. If this is republican fraud they should be more ashamed of incompetence than dishonesty.

    Third link, yes, the two main parties both do their best to shut down any competition, I agree there.

    Fourth link, the act of a single nutjob. Not worth attributing to any group, as it was an individual initiative.

    • Those are fair points. And I agree it's not proof, but it's highly susceptible and should be enough to at least warrant hand counting to compare the results. Get as many comparisons in there to make sure there isn't any screw up. That's more the point.

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  • Are you really that naive?

    If it were "easy to cheat" do you think the democrats wouldn't? Especially when you consider the fact that most nerds tend to vote democrat anyway? (I use the word 'nerd' with endearment)

    Shall I point out something important?

    "Retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho" RETIRED. This is another case of an old man being afraid of new technology.

    And all he is saying is that trends arn't predicting votes. Since when do trends predict anything?

    All this is, is an excuse for Democrats to be smug in defeat and whisper to themselves, yet again, that their candidate REALLY won. Yet... when they DO gain complete control of the government, they do NOTHING to change the voting system to a more transparent, fair system.

    Its all garbage.

    I'm not a hardcore republican or anything, but this is ridiculous and serves nothing but to further divide our nation in two. I hope you realize that we are all Americans right?

    • I agree that Dems don't do sh*t to change anything for the better. Yes, they are just as bad as the GOP.

      And just cause he's retired doesn't mean he's wrong. And you're making a fairly baseless assumption he fears the new technology and is trying to bring up stuff against it. Hell, do you realize many other first world nations still do hand count to test against their computer votes? It doesn't hurt to be sure of things.

  • I am currently canvassing with an organization to re-elect President Obama, so you can say I work for Obama (this is what my contract says lol).

    ANYWAY! We are pretty confident that President Obama will win this election again.

    Mitt Romney will likely win the popular vote but lose the presidency because Obama is ahead of electoral votes. I mean if you look at our past president's history, electoral votes is a really big thing.

    IF Obama would lose, he will do the shenanigans that Bush did; and that is to wait for the Military personnel and their votes.

    • I don't care who wins, I care about the voter fraud that's been going on. That's something we need to fight. Be it Dems who do it or Republicans.

  • "We"

    What are YOU gonna do, Leto? Make questions online?

    • Spreading awareness is one step. I've begun some other steps in getting into contact with some legal friends. But we'll see what comes of it. I can only do so much on my own.

      But people who just harp on people trying to bring information like you seem to be subtly getting at are doing no good in any way. What good are YOU ever doing in this world?

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    • Those are arrangements towards the Supreme Court. And; no it's not. The system doesn't treat me well, I craft a way of living that ignores the system and I live without it's influence. I have successfully withdrawn in disgust. I do not care at all to save the world and the fate of the West does not rest upon my shoulders. I have *withdrawn* in disgust, and withdrawing in disgust is not the same as apathy.

    • lmao this is the stupidest answer I've ever made. "I craft a way of living that ignores the system" yeah sure Elijah YOU'RE the only one in the whole world without ideology. Dumbass. The system f***ed you over just like every working class Irishman.

  • Well yeah. It's possible to win an election in the US with only 25% of the popular vote.


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