How far will you go in protecting your family from bad people?

with all these crazy things happening in the world like cannibals, pedos, rapists, serial killers...

i don't know what I'm gonna do and I hope it doesn't happen at all to my family, but one things for sure, if I have to kill someone, I would. got the idea from Last House on the left movie and its really disturbing.

would like to hear your thoughts. thanks


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  • If some pedo/rapist/killer was attacking my family, would I kill them?

    Yes. By any means available.

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  • I think you're putting too much thought into this. Sure, things like that happen, but vary rarely. It's not worth worrying about stuff like that. You're contemplating murder of people in imaginary situations. That's not good... Do that too much and we'll have to keep an eye on you... =P

    • lol, good point

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    • I'm chill as a cucumber. =D

    • \m/

  • It's really uncommon, in the Western world, to come under serious and immediate threat from Cannibals.

    The rest of them; learn a little bit of Criminal Profiling, keep an eye out for groomers and creeps. Teach them all a bit of Self-Defence, give them a fighting chance against random attackers. Really though, a rapist hurling himself out of Tall Grass isn't very common these days; most rape happens in casual situations, dates, behind closed doors, whatever. A bit of know-how and a little self-defence can go a very long way. Presence of Mind is all it takes in this climate. Most child rapes happen WITHIN the family, very rarely does it come outside the box. Rapist gangs fell away in the late 90s with heightened security, no one worries about their kid falling prey to a band of pedophiles in a public bathroom anymore; that was my generations worry, it happened to a lot of us in the 90s. That's not a worry of the next generation, the one coming up now.

    Bad People are maniac lovers, usually. People here get involved with Paramilitaries. My family has some Paramilitary ties. That's a bad gig. But, it's impossible for the lower class in this country not to have run-ins with the Paramilitaries - the only question is, which side are you on when you do? I'd rather be on the safe side of the fence...

    I would discourage my family from extremist satanists, occult societies such as the Temple of the Nine Angles (and try and push them towards the OTO, A.'.A.'., Temple of Set, Fraternitatis Saturni, Freemasons and other, safe and agreeable occult fraternities), discourage them from getting involved with Paramilitaries or Neo-Nazis (and try to push them towards the more benign, if extremely flabby, Radical Communist Youth, Connoly Youth and Organise! Anarchist Ireland, or at most the vandals and bomb-constructors of the nameless underground), discourage them from Methamphetamine or Crack Cocaine (and try and push them towards speed, regular cocaine and entheogenic stimulants like baybean and saffron).

    If they got themselves into a Last House on the Left kinda situation, I'd go all Bruce Willis, Die Hard about it, and be a real badass. Or, compete with them using powerfully loud renditions of James Brown jams.

  • How far?

    Not very...

    I'd put her address in their GPS, give them her phone number and maybe even try and set up a meet to 'lure' her out...

  • If someone had any intention of hurting my family, I would make them sorry they were ever born.

  • link

    I would too lol

  • Id kill them if they tried to hurt myself or my family. Majority of people would. I believe if you want to try to hurt someone then be fully prepared to get effed up lol


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