Is it possible to go to the same bar too often?

there is this country bar I have been going to on Saturday nights off and on for a number of years . don't go there every weekend but go at least once - twice a month . its really busy on the weekend and a lot of girls party there . its not the only bar I go to and there is a couple other bars in that city as well I've been to but there more nightclubs and a much different scene.

lately I just wonder if I've been there too much and seem too available or something . as I don't seem to be dating the girls there for whatever reasons , I'm not sure if there just not interested or what the issue is
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  • sometimes when women go out and see the same guy there often we tend to believe they are in there fishing for a new fish every time..they may look at you as a player so maybe change hangouts more often,new fishing hole;)


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