Do you feel like me right now, that you will soon become the desire of all young women?

OK I got this major magazine feature coming online, this magazine features mostly Established and famous, major artist, the magazine also looking for new extremely talented indie artist to promote as-well.

now that I finally brook throw in major hip hop magazines, I feel like I might have many more secret admire and Facebook friend requests.

anyway what is it about you that women like, what are the "perk" which your bring to the table beside the sentimental things?


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  • Ok I'm very confused as to what this question is actually about...

  • What magazine and what day does this imaginary article come out?

    • it come out soon in major hip hop mag wws magazine online excessive.

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    • computer generated sounds , is called electronic music and also hip hop , so if you do rock and used program then that's not good .

    • I listened to that crap and every horrible "song" sounded the same

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