I`m 21 and live in China. how to get a foreign girlfriend??

en,my English is bad, and I ofen watch the nice film of the United States.

So I think the foreign girl is hot and sexy.

And I think if me marry a Foreign girl,my life will be change wonderful.

so what can I do?

sorry.I`m not live in China.


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  • Ok... I'm Chinese too, and I've dated many western girls. Here's the secret - you need to stop thinking Chinese and start thinking American.

    A lot of other answers here are saying that you need to learn better English - that's not true. Most American girls have terrible technical English skills themselves, and having good grammar and spelling isn't that important if English is not your first language. Just make sure that your English is good enough to understand movies and to have a good conversation.

    What is important is to start thinking about what's cool and what's interesting from the American girl's perspective. So immediately forget about what your Chinese friends are into, and start paying attention to what the western world is into. Here are a few ideas:

    Being from a different country, you most likely have travelled to places that those girls haven't been to. Girls love travelling. Start thinking up of some cool travel stories you can tell.

    Chinese people and Western people find different things funny. LEARN THESE DIFFERENCES QUICKLY. Go watch as much stand up comedy as you can.

    Sometimes something polite in Chinese culture will be interpreted as being weak or unattractive in western culture, and being rude in Chinese culture is a sign of confidence in western culture. This is very difficult to learn. The easiest compromise is to follow the rules of being a gentleman. For an example of what this means, watch some old James Bond movies and study his body language.

    The world is crazy for that Gangnam Style song these days. Lets face it, most girls won't be able to tell the difference between Korean and Chinese people, so just use it to your full advantage.

    Finally... just relax and have fun. Fun and happiness does not depend on language.


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  • Girls who are into dramas or Asia in general love Asian guys, so look for those girls. They're every where, they take the least cultural adjusting? They have a certain preference like k-pop, anime, Taiwan drama, or mainland drama and can tell the Asian races apart but generally they like Asian guys in general.

    I know from personal experience and having a sh*t load of friends who are the exact same way pretty much.

    Since you live in China, you can look for the foreigners already there. They'd most likely expect to have some Chinese boyfriends rather looking for other foreigners.

  • Are you rich?

    • i wish i`m rich

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    • Get on the plane.

    • and then?

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  • I would start by brushing up on my English skills. Your English was fine and understandable but the Chinese accent isn't exact that "suave" accent North American girls melt over. Also, since Asian culture isn't studied in-depth here, you may want to become familiar with Western culture to expand your options. If you can lock these two things down, you should have little problem finding yourself a nice lady to settle sown with. Maybe even get a green card for you and your family.

  • Honestly, I don't think that I'm the best guy to give dating advice. But, I do see with many East Asian guys who come to this country wanting to get with American women, that their biggest mistake tends to be that they only hang out with other people from their country and wonder why they can't meet any American women.

    If you want to develop a real relationship with a Western woman, then your best bet is to actually live here. But, if you do, make sure that you go out and meet some Western people.

    If you're smart, then maybe you can come here to work in the US in the IT industry. There's a lot of Asian foreigners at my work, so you wouldn't be really stick out.

    But, getting an H1B1 visa is pretty hard. It's easier to obtain an H1B1 visa when you already have a student visa, because businesses don't have to fill out the paperwork for you right away. They can put you on a trial period before they decide to sponsor your worker's visa.

    And, if you choose to live somewhere in the US, the choices are really open. But, every location has its pros and cons. People in New York and the New England or California region tend to be more accustomed to foreigners, but the cost of living is really high. This can be a really big problem for you, considering that you're used to things being cheaper in China.

    Then there's the South. The people here have been characterized as being racist and close-minded to outsiders but racism isn't really unique to the South and you might see less of it in big cities. Plus, the cost of living here is much cheaper than up north which is always a bonus.

    However, if you're not used to having to drive a car very often, you will definitely have to get used to it if you move to a new city or a suburb. And, I when I say "new city" I mean most cities in the South and any city whose population didn't really boom until after WW2.

    On the other hand, New York and New England cities are different, because they were already huge before cars were around. So, there's a lot of nice public transportation for you to use and you might not have to get a car, but, again cost of living is high.

    I used to work in Washington, DC. And, their WAMA metro train was really big. Their city train system is 2nd most used in the country, next to New York. And, it was for a reason, because the roads were packed during rush hour. But, DC is really expensive to live in.

    On the other hand, I also used to live in Atlanta, GA as well. And, their city train system was mostly used by tourists. It really only took you to the big tourist destinations and using the train wasn't a feasible means of transportation on your way to work.

    However, their Buckhead Uptown Connection bus system is still available. I had some Indian co-workers who didn't own a car rode the bus to and from work, so you might be able to get by without a car in a new, Southern city if you do your research.

    Anyways, good luck.

    • Also, another thing to consider is that our economy isn't doing so well right now. So, that makes finding work here harder. However, you're still young, so college might not be a bad idea.

      There are girls who are into Asian guys who go to the Asian studies culture or Japanese culture clubs in college. Japan is a different country than China, but a girl who thinks that Japanese guys look hot are likely to the same about Chinese guys.

  • Be careful of foreign girls, they aren't usually hot or sexy at all, actually, and they aren't as healthy mentally as Chinese women. Most likely such a girl will make your life a hell, to tell you the truth.

    I teach English in China, so I know what most of them are like.

  • Go to a school to improve upon your English. It is hard to flirt in another language when you're a beginner.

  • bro here is a hint...white women are genereally not interested on Asian guys, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    • Generally speaking, but that isn't necessarily going to be the case with all white women.

  • Most girls I know will not date a Chinese guy. If you have an above size member for an Asian and can improve your English and also fake some swag you got a chance maybe.

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