Do Monroe piercings hurt really bad?

do they hurt super bad? and do they mess up your teeth? I really want one haha. do people think they are cute? help


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  • Doesn't hurt too much at all. Mine hardly touched my teeth, cos the inner side is flat.

    I think it's cute if you have a tiny, tiny diamonte stud. Anything bigger and it'll look tacky, imo.


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  • Doesn't hurt too bad. Of course it's a needle going throw skin but if you can tolerate being nicked by a razor than you'll be fine. However, I must warn you that this type of piercing does have long term effect on teeth and gums especially if the inside is not flat. Speak with your artist.

  • my brother is a piercer and a tattoo artist and he he said don't ever get a monroe cause one of his friend's teeth got really messed up and she had to pay 3000 bucks to get her teeth fixed. that was enough for me not to do it, but if you wanna do it then do it and if the piercing touches your teeth or gums then remove the piercing.

    • oh wow! good to know thank you!