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Ex boyfriend - I'm so confused by his aggressive behavior! I haven't done anything to him, he has!

I've told my (ex) boyfriend something personal and he promised me never to tell anyone. He confessed to me that he's told my secret some random girl at college... we cried on the phone and I broke up with him, although we did not yell at each other or argue in any way.

Rumors were spread on campus about me and I was hurt and angry.

After that phone call we haven't talked anymore. We are in two different classes, still bumped into each other every now and then but ignored each other. I should mention that he tried to befriend my best and closest friends, which was very weird and creepy.

3 months later I was sitting alone on campus and he came up to me.

He told me that he is on medication again (he has ADD) and the medication makes him feel emotionally numb. he assured me that the medication makes him ' not care about anything'. he was angry, as I didn't believe him.

He just wanted to talk things over, because we will see each other every day and be in the same class next semester!

BUT. instead of trying to be friends or whatever, he kept on talking about this other girl he met (im an international student and this girl he likes is an international student too - in fact the only other girl that is from the SAME country as me and speaks the same language! he started learning my language when we were a couple to impress me and now he is learning it with her!)

He said to me the chapter me and him is 'so so so over and done'

he asked me about my male friend (that I'm in contact with) and I realized that he was stalking my Facebook friends...he asked me if I'm seeing anyone and that he thinks I've cheated on him back then and blablabla.

he then said that he was very sad when we broke up and wasn't even able to continue his studies...but now he is SO over me.

now this is the most confusing part:

we are not friends on Facebook. but we have 40 mutual friends from college. we are both 25.

i have everything blocked in my settings. I never 'like' or 'post anything on our mutual friends pages, because I don't wanna provoke him in any way!

BUT. he blocked me 2x in that three months after the break up where we weren't talking and unblocked me after a few days again.

a few days ago I bumped into a fb conversation on her wall (the girl from my country, I don't know her) and they were talking about how great last night was, how drunk they were and how much fun they had.

i felt devastated as I'm still in love with him and feel rejected by being replaced with someone so similar to me... or at least with the same first language.

After I uploaded a new cover pic, just me, nothing provocative, he blocked me again.

I'm very worried about next year being in the same class like him and seeing him every day.

What does his behavior mean? Does he still care? Does he hate me? If so - why does he hate me - I haven't done anything AT ALL.

I did not run after him, left him alone.

Why is he so aggressive, when he was the one hurting me in the first place?
Ex boyfriend - I'm so confused by his aggressive behavior! I haven't done anything to him, he has!
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