I have anger towards a professor? advice

I went to a university this summer for graduate school. This professor was disrespectful towards me and even lied and manipulated things she said to me. I never had an issue with a teacher before this extreme. I was later dismissed from the program at the end of the summer. I believe because of this professor who was immature. She was adjunct and did not have a PHD. I think I was dismissed because I was making complaints on the department and they did not like that. I hold anger towards the professor because I was treated poorly by her and the department. Even though, I am in another program at another university doing better. I still hold anger the way I was treated. I have emails where this professor tried to make me do more work than other students.advice? I have made complaints on the professor outside of the university. Please advise me something helpful for this situation?


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  • Consider whether you as a student have any real chance of making an impact on the department at this university. You are making a reputation as a trouble-maker, ad not accomplishing anything positive by it.

    Some battles are not worth fighting, no matter how unfair it may seem.

    Remember academia is a closed world where cliques always rule, and if you are on the outs with one of those cliques, you really should just move on and put the history behind you. Don't let this poison your future.

    Demand justice only where you will get a real hearing, not when you're complaining about someone to their friends! How can you expect their friends to take your side?

    • how am I making a reputation as a troublemaker when this professor harassed me and stated racial remarks.

      Right is right? friends? do not always stick together when it comes to jobs/money. I am pretty sure they are pissed because they have to cover their asses too.lol

    • GEnerally a department will stick together against an outsider!

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  • You could talk to the dean or complain, ONLY IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OTHERS, but honestly, let it go. Who is this anger helping? It's one thing to try to help the others in that program currently, if you honestly, objectively feel you were wronged. But also work on letting your anger toward her go.

    E-mails about her asking you to do more work mean nothing, by the way. It would show that she took a greater interest in you and tried to help you. She didn't negatively discriminate.

    • Excuse me? Emails making me do more work than others when assignments were assigned already. You bet it mean something when I have witnesses.

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    • Okay... let's spell this out. Your attitude here. The woman would be investigated when accusations were made against her no matter what - the POINT of an investigation is to figure out if they are guilty. The investigation itself does not pass judgment. Now I am really done with you and your attitude. Best wishes in the future. I truly hope that justice is done, whether it's by your book or no.

    • No matter what? are you sure about that? I hate when people think they know everything because accusations against anyone are not always investigated. Have a nice life