Is there a reason why my childhood friend is behaving this way?

Hello everyone I’m please in need of some input towards this>? :)

Basically I have known this guy since I was a baby, and out parents are best friends, and we both were raised in the same city and grow up together and we related to each other hence we were both only child’s. basically now that we are older, he acts really different with me, for example, his tone, of voice is really soft when he speaks to me, he also keeps saying " So so so " before telling me anything, and then he teases, me ,and stares at me constantly even when he is speaking to someone else. And then one time, he came over to my house, and we played baseball together and he barely said much to me, but instead smiled half the time . DOES this mean anything? We are 17 and 18.


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  • I think he has a crush on you.

    The fact he suddenly uses a very soft tone of voice, the smiling constantly, the awkward silence and the constant staring is in my book because he has developed feelings for you beyond the friend factor.

    The teasing is a sign of affection towards you,

    Now how you choose to deal with the entire situation if of course up to you, but I'm guessing the feelings aren't mutual and since you've been friends for such a long time, I'm guessing you would like to find a solution without hurting his feelings too much. Have a talk with him, tell him how much you appreciate the friendship you have with him, and if it is a crush he is developing, let him know that a relationship between the two of you would only end up ruining it. Last but not least let him know you are supportive and that he can talk to you no matter what.


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