So how do you let a girl know you're interested?

I mean I don't know how to make that transition! I joke around with girls and flirt and stuff, but I don't know how to tell her that I want her. Like...idk, but I had a horrible high school experience. So I keep thinking girls would think I'm a creeper if I express interest. I also keep thinking that they would lose interest in me if I express interest. So what do I do?

How did you meet your future boy/girlfriend and how did you/he/she express interest or reciprocate?


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  • well to answer the last question first (lol)...i met the first man I ever feel in love with, through a mutual friend and I guess he asked for my number and he texted me under an anonymous number and he wouldn't tell me his name! but he was so funny anyways that I kept texting him and through just the communication I ended up falling for him..and then I found out who he was and was shocked because I've seen him around school but never took interest in him..but through just getting to know his didn't matter what he looked like...i just feel in love with his soul..but luckily he was pretty it wasn't too hard to fall in love completely ahaha ^_^

    but in your case what I would do is to get her number, text her a lot and ask her questions...girls love questions cause it sounds like your interested in what they have to say...dont text toooo much...give her space and allow her to wonder why you havnt texted in awhile...this will make her start missing you subconsciously and that's how it starts. be suttle..and if she sounds like she may be interested in you too..ask her out on a group with friends going to a movie so that there's a level of comfort for her...she has her friends there, but she also has you..which makes things flow easier...especially if she gets nervous and doesn't knw what to talk about...a friend will be there to pick up the convo :) hope this helped ! best of luck to you!

    • Wow! I could never pull off what your boyfriend did. I'd feel like a total creeper! hahaha. The girls I'm interested are socially "above" me and are more popular so I don't know how to approach girls like that. lol. I'm in college and we STILL have popularity :(

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    • But I'm not thaaat nerdy lol. We're all smart in our college. Anyway, I tried asking the popular girl in our high was long ago and I have changed physically/mentally for the better, but I'm still "traumatized" from asking the popular girl out. lol. Everyone knew about it and I got laughed at pretty much.

    • well I've had multiple traumatizing experiences as well, like one time I told this guy I had feelings for him and he told me to eat sh* front of as you can imagine, that was very embarrassing. And this bitch of the past..dont let her "win", don't let her prevent you your future relationships away, don't let her get the best of you, because you don't want a dumb girl from the past to stopping you from getting the new girl in the future. :)

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  • My philosophy is just tell her. Be like we have been talking awhile and I like you can I take you on a real date? What is the worse that is going to happen? She doesn't like you like that? Is that end of the world? Of course not! But before you tell her you like her make sure she is flirting back and putting in the same amount of effort into your friendship (?) as you are. Not all girls are the same but I don't lose interest in a guy because he likes me that actually opens all the unlocked chapters... I can learn more personal things about said guy now that we would want to take that extra step. Don't dwell on it.. If it feels right go for it! Again, what is the worst that could happen? :) Good luck! :)

    • Well...usually most girls that approached me I didn't really like lol. But then again I never found them attractive. Partially it's because they expressed interest first and I immediately thought "oh! I have the power to reject competition or work here, so not interested!" I know it's cruel, but that's just how it is...

      I feel similar things would happen when I'm on the other end and the girl I'm interested has the power now. So I don't want to tell her blatantly I'm interested in her.

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    • Well...what if she says she's busy? I don't know how to take that response (I've tried this way a couple of times, and I got flaked and said "I'm busy" without recheduling). lol

      I'd be totally down if the girl I'm interested in asks me out. But I KNOW it will never happen just won't. The girls I'm interested in are social ones, and I'm sure they have plenty of guys chasing after them.

    • Then she isn't interested. I can say I have honestly done that a few times. Just blow it off and move on? And don't be so hard on yourself. Any girl is lucky to have you :D

  • listening to her.


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  • First step: relax and be confident in who you are. Recognize the benefits that you would bring to someone else's life and focus on those.

    Thinking about whether or not they'll think you're a "creeper" isn't where your head needs to be. You're starting off on the wrong foot.

    And don't do the cop-out that so many guys do and become subservient "friends" with a girl before expressing interest. They will have little to no respect for you for that. Every situation is different, but honestly, just make your intentions clear.

  • Tell her.

    Really, just say it. It's that simple. Be confident, be upfront, and let her know how you feel and what you want. Don't play games. You'll never know unless you just say it.

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