What happens if you only eat veggies and fruits?

Only salads(spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots etc) and fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, grapefruit and berries. Garbanzo beans, edamame or red beans on top of the salad, with a small amount of ranch for dipping...

Will you get more energy? end up pooping alot? healthier hair and skin?

We're talking about eating salads 2-3x a day and some fruit in between and maybe a few fruits for dinner...

oh, and a one a day multivitamin, biotin supplements and fish oil supplements

oh, but drinking lots and lots of water as well as decaffeinated green tea...so keeping hydrated


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  • Well you need to understand that leaving meat, both from land based and sea based beings, out will certainly narrow down your options for those salads, because it's unhealthy to go under 1200 calories in a diet, because it will cause your muscle growth and replenishment to die down causing them to lose that strength and integrity and also cause damage to your internal organs because the human body needs enough fat in it's diet to properly sustain itself in the long run. The loss of protein from the meat is your biggest concern however, since they are one of the most important parts that come with meals. Fortunately for you nuts, seeds, soy products, cereal, eggs and dairy are all good meatless protein choices.

    • it'll cause muscle atrophy?

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    • I'm not questioning if they are healthy or not and I'm not saying you need to eat meat to gain protein, but without adequote amounts of protein your body will seize to function properly.

    • They barely get protein and they're healthy. I imagine I'll be fine, but if I want exaggerated answers I'll be sure to check back here

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  • Pros:

    -Good supply of antioxidants

    -Good supply of fiber

    -Low cholesterol

    -Low sodium (unless the dressing you use is loaded with the stuff or you use lots of salt)


    -Lack of protein

    -Lack of essential amino acids

    -Blood sugar all over the place

    -More than likely insufficient calorie intake

    -Lack of essential fats

    It's a healthy way to eat if you supplement it with other things but basically that diet is pure carbs. Healthy carbs, maybe, but pure carbs. The body needs proteins, fats, and carbs, all in generous supply, to be able to operate properly.

    • Low cholesterol a pro? You need cholesterol and eating it doesn't really have an effect on you're heart.

    • You do need cholesterol to a degree yes, but most Americans can easily afford to cut it for quite some time as they get WAY too much of it normally.

  • Ok, you want muscular atrophy, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    But I'm gonna put this in a super simple way. It just takes one look at a humans teeth to tell we are omnivorous. We have been designed over a longgggggggggg time to eat a variety of thing, and we depend on this variety of things for nutrition to function properly. You need meat and protein because nature demands that you need it.

    That's like asking what would happen if a shark stops eating seals? Well at first it's going to be super unhealthy, then it'll eventually die.

    Why do you want to lose muscle? What are your goals? I haven't decided if you are a troll or just a completely misguided youth.

  • Well, at least eat more of the beans, especially edamame. Pure veggies/fruits without lentils or beans to get protein isn't healthy in the long run. Though you're not a kid, you're not fully developed yet. So you could be impacted by kwashiokor.


    So make sure you get plenty of plant-based proteins at least.

    • wtf that is one weird ass word

      And the point is to eliminate protein

    • yeah I think it has its etymology in an African language.

      Oh, I remember, you asked about that. Then simply don't eat any of the beans, or just a little at most. After 72 hours, your body can start breaking down your muscles and harvesting their proteins. Not that I encourage doing this but I'm not your dad.

    • well I've tried going long periods(months) without protein and it hasn't helped with losing muscle...

  • Though it's true your stools will smell like freshly-baked muffins, your gastric emissions will take on a wet, mucousy quality leaving indelible skid marks.

  • Then you have to eat more frequently. In this way, you can not enter enough calories.

  • You would poop a lot and then look like Elmo


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  • I think it would be hard to get enough calories just from that. It seems like something you can do for a week or two, but not in the longrun.

    What you plan seems a bit like that paleo diet but if you leave out the meat

    at least add some dairy products (or soy products if you're vegan), nuts, eggs, protein shakes and go big on the beans/lentils because you need protein

  • They call it the raw food diet, check it out. It's very good for weight loss, and apparently you body in general. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=sibe0B_JM1w

  • You won't get enough protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D or calcium basically you may end up getting very sick.