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If a guy does these things does it mean he wants more than just sex?

We are both freshman in College and he's super old school which is not something I'm used to so I'm not sure how to take his actions...

In group settings you always manage to pair off together

Pays for a "date" that you(the girl) initiated

Invites you over to watch a movie

Puts his arm around your shoulder and covers both with a blanket

Says he's "cold" the moves his arm around your waist

Starts to hold your hand

Kisses you with a soft peck then asks if he can try it again

Asks if he can take his shirt off then asks if he can take yours off

Asks along the way if you're comfortable

Ends the hot&heavy make out to let his room mate back in

When it is over hugs you good bye and says "thanks we should do it again sometime"

You text him shortly after to see if he wants to come over since your roommate is gone and he says that he doesn't spend the night, you say it's cool he says "thanks for respecting that and thanks for setting limits"

Gets super excited when you ask if you can talk a few days later and is really eager to see you
He just wanted to get some
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He actually likes you
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I'd appreciate that more people give opinions and not just answer the poll please.
If a guy does these things does it mean he wants more than just sex?
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