Why do guys get mad so easily....

I was suppose to see my boyfriend like yesterday but I was tired from work.. So I told him in a text why... He went from a sad face to your lier... WTF I know I said that I was going to see him. But we wrk a lot... it sucks... what I can do so that he won't get.


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  • Its not about you being the one tip toeing so he doesn't get mad.its about him controlling his emotions

    Tell him to stop getting mad.you should show anger too.get mad at him for being angry with you over things like that.even if you're not really mad, make him think you are. He needs to stay on his toes a little more and learn how to regulate his behavior. Maybe he should be the one scared of displeasing you


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  • I don't understand these questions on GaG, why does the question title have to be 'guys' instead of 'my boyfriend', as if his behavior speaks for every guy on the planet.

    Maybe he was joking around? Sounds like sarcasm more than anger.

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    • Yes you are rite and stupid were guys need to speak

    • @Alessus That's called generalizing. An example would be if I asked "Why do girls have to be so sensitive?" and then proceed to talk about how this one girl I know is sensitive. But then again, I don't expect the smartest of questions on this site anyways.

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  • Most guys don't get mad so easily. How long have you been with him? Has he shown you this side of him before? If so how often? This could be a bad sign. He could also have been having a bad day and it is out of character for him.

    • A little more than six months I'm trying and yet no communication from his side cus I dnt see him. I feel bad but he does this wen he doesn't get his way

    • Has he done stuff like this before? It sounds like he is being childish.

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