Do you regret loosing it high school?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now. We are crazy about each other. He's year older than me, experienced, and has been asking me about it lately. I love him, but am still apprehensive. I am only 18 and he is my first serious boyfriend. Do you reget it? Any advice?


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  • people have sex younger than you and are happy about it. people have sex older than you and regret it. that's not the point. at all.

    why are you even bothering with ths question. it doesn't matter if you have it in hs are a nursiong home. it certainly dioesnt matter if OTHER people did in hs or feel goo or feel bad about it.

    when OU are ready to have sex, it won't matter what level of school you'r e I ,m or how old you are. you'll just want sex.

    youre acting as tough, its for him and you might as well since you'll never actually want to.

    youll want sex eventually and when you do THATS the time to have sex. you may not be ready, or you may not be ready to ever have it with this guy.

    dont ask if you should do it in hs. don't ask if you should do it at 18. don't ask if you should do it at all. just wait till you WANT to. then there's no reason not to.

    if you want to have sex, there's no reason not to. if you don't want to have sex there's EVERY reason not to. and no reason to have sex.

    relax. wait till you're interested enough to be excited to just do it.

    hwe shouldn't be asking you to have sex. one discussion about the fact he wants to. and about the fact you'll let him know when you're ready. is enough. beyond that he's being manipulative and is not valuing the actual relationship.

    you guys can takl about how to do the things you both want to do. but continuously talking about things only one if you wants to do.. well does that sound like a re-lationship. not really. it sounds like someone trying to get something from someone. not share something with someone they care about.


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  • Unless you're completely comofrtable you shouldn't and it says you're under 18 lol. Just imagine you broke up within a year and if it wouldn't be a horrible regret...


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  • Don't do it until you're totally sure and comfortable. Being more experienced, he might not understand your uncertainty about it entirely, but don't let that pressure you.

  • wait till your ready and not when your pressured... your still young...

  • I was 16 the first time I had sex and we had been dating for about a year, too. Even though the relationship as a whole didn't end well, I definitely don't regret having sex with him. It really depends on how much value you place on virginity and such, though. Some people are more bothered than others.

    My advice is to not do it unless you're preeeetty darn sure that you want to. Comfort and enthusiasm is key! You don't want to be filled with worries when it's over, you want to feel happy about it :)

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