Meet a great girl on the weekend but don't think I'll see her again

it wasn't a one night stand in the sense we didn't have sex , I meet her at the pub on Friday night and we sort of clicked and I was really into her . she had a great smile and had me take some pictures of her and her gf's . I also saw her on Saturday night and chatted a bit more , supposedly she is from a town that is an hour plus away . I really though she was cute and great girl to date . but don't see much coming out of this so sort of accept it as the fun night out that it was . didn't have many expectations for Friday night so it was a bonus to meet her .

anyways I guess my question would be was I right to just enjoy the weekend for what it was or should I have tried for more ? what would you have done in a similar situation


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  • I say always try...

    You could've said "well when/if you're in town again, let me know so we can hang out."

    At least then you'll have her number and you can then either continue to pursue her or maybe get a date /hang out somewhere down the road...

    • i don't think it be that likely she come back , she had never been to the pub or town before . its not a place she normally come . I think she was here for a wedding or some sort of weekend event . I never asked for the # but didn't feel I knew her well enough yet and she was a bit younger than me maybe 19-20

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  • if you really miss her or love her ,please take action to pursue her.if God is here,he will help you to find her.

  • I am all for the strong fun meets. Yeah you may never see her again but it will most likely be one of those moments you remember.

    Whose to say you won't run in to her again, I would say take it for what it is. Its done and you can't really try to find out her information now. So just enjoy it for the fun it was.


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