What are some fun or different things to do in NYC?

I will be in NYC this weekend with my boyfriend. Please some tips!


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  • I'm live in NYC,I would say:

    *$12 Ice skating in Bryant Park or Ice Skating in Rockafeller Center.

    *Walk down 5th ave and view the holiday windows in the department stores

    *FAO Schartz toy store!Its a treat!

    *If you have some more money to shell out,visit the top of the empire state building

    *Times square is a tourists spot with stores such as Toys R Us that has a ferris wheel inside the store! The M&M store is fun too!

    *A fun shopping area is the Soho area,also Noho

    *Central Park of course,tourists seem to love.You can get a ride in a horse drawn carraige,poor horses :(

    *You can visit the world trade center site down in the financial district

    *Broadway shows at discounted prices

    *Also off broadway shows like something at the Public Theatre over on Astor Place.

    *Lincoln Center!

    *MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

    *The Met,Whitney Museum,The frick,Guggenheim etc

    And now...for Brooklyn!

    Brooklyn is now one of the hottest boroughs!

    *Explore Williamsburg! A lot of small creative shops off of bedford avenue.

    *Tons of fun bars!

    *Fun coffee shops

    *Art galleries etc

    *All of these things extends into Bushwick


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  • There are many websites with great ideas and info about everything. The other answers mention some great stuff. I will be in NYC for 2 weeks. If you are gonna be there on Sunday the 13th, join the No Pants Subway Ride. Find info on ImprovEverywhere website. Enjoy your visit.

  • Watch the New York City's NY Knicks.

    Have some adventure, it's important to not include lunch dates.

  • Take the F train to Coney Island...

    go see the ocean


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  • There are TONS of things to do in NY -- catch a show, go on a tour bus to take in the holiday sights and sounds, take a walk through the park and go ice skating, get to the top of the empire state building, have dinner at the time square Marriot...

    Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, pub-crawl along the seaport, etc. etc. etc.

    The sky's the limit. Don't be afraid to take a bite out of the big apple, haha.

    • We don't really want to do touristy things lol

    • Then sit in your hotel and do what all the other New Yorkers are doing.

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