Generally speaking, do you think men and women really trust each other?

Regardless of the type of relationship, do you think men and women trust each other? Compared to past generations, how would you describe the level of trust between the genders today? What do you think affects it in either positive or negative ways? From what I have observed, I get a sense that the level of general trust has declined a little bit.


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  • Well I would say that the level of trust has declined in general, and not only between gender, but between everyone (probably due to our society getting more and more individualistic and socially awkward.) When it comes to trust between gender, I also have the opinion that this is definitely down to a real fall in women image and feminism over the past decade. I don't know if this is just because I never noticed it before or if it has really evolved, but I feel that the more it goes the more I meet guys with very machist / backwards views on what men and women roles are in a society, and increasingly (young) women who agree with this! This constant downgrading of women status leads to a general feeling of resentment/tacit anger towards men,leading to clashes, and mean that men isolate themselves ever more into responsibilities they think they should have on their own, and of course cannot totally handle the pressure with serenity,leading them to turn to violence in their words, views of women and in extreme cases of course alcohol, drugs, other women... It's like a feeding loop. but that's only my view!


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