"I don't feel it" & "I don't feel it anymore." What does it truly mean?

Hi I got question to girls,

girls always saying "i didn't feel anything to him" or when they are breaking up "i don't feel it anymore" what this "feel" feeling really is?

it can't be love course love just don't disappear and if it is attraction then why it can be gone even the person often did not change (girls are breaking up for other reason) Can you girls help me up? I'm a guy and I try to understand this but I don't get this What this "Feel" thing really is.

Thank you


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  • You can fall out of love. That is what this means. Or if you see one time love as like a soul mate thing then the person who lost that "feeling" was never in love in the first place. just really liked.

    • but lets say from my experience that I wast with one girl we had to brake up and then she get "drunk" and get wtih guy who wanted her but as she sad she "didnt feel anything" so what after she get drunk somehow magicly she start feeling smth? what this "i feel it" codename stand for realy? couse a lot of times for us guys it sound like a lot of bulsh*t;/

    • Sounds like bullsh*t to me. You don't not like someone then suddenly like them. Booze makes you do things you may not normally do but it doesn't create feelings for someone you know that were never there before. Maybe though she was just drunk and wanted to get laid. She was single after all.